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D'Arrigo Bros. Pink Party Commemorates Partnership with Breast Cancer Research Foundation

D'Arrigo Bros. Pink Party Commemorates Partnership with Breast Cancer Research Foundation


SALINAS, CA - D’Arrigo Bros. recently celebrated its 15 year partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the gala Pink Party & Press Conference. At the event, held at the D’Arrigo headquarters in Salinas, CA, President and CEO Myra Biblowit of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation praised the company for its longtime support and generosity.

Myra Biblowit, President and CEO “What D’Arrigo has done is nothing short of magnificent,” said Biblowit. “It has been a joy. I feel blessed to have a job that changes peoples’ lives so profoundly.”

To date, D’Arrigo has raised over $1.3 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and has proudly displayed the foundation’s logo and message on all of the company’s bags, skirt ties, and boxes. Those funds are being put to work in medical institutions across the country, enabling the world’s leading scientific minds to actualize breakthroughs which seemed, even in recent history, impossible.

John D’Arrigo, President and CEOSpeaking on the initiative and the company’s dedication to fight breast cancer, John D’Arrigo, President and CEO, said, “We’ve taken it on as a family and a company. It’s an emotional tie that transcends any business motivation. Thanks to Myra – your dedication and leadership – the Breast Cancer Research Foundation became the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world.”

Biblowit also emphasized the importance of vegetables in the fight against cancer. “We’ve always known that vegetables were important for cardiovascular health. But in the last two years, we’ve acquired solid, irrefutable international data that says for women with a higher vegetable intake - women with estrogen receptor negative breast cancer – reduce their risk by 20% to 40%,” said Biblowit. “How easy is that? Everyone wants a magic bullet. Vegetables are the magic bullet.

Monterey County Supervisor Simon Salinas, Assemblymember Luis Alejo’s aide, and State Senator Anthony Cannella awarded D’Arrigo Bros. with a commemorative resolution plaque.

This year, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has raised $53 million. Let’s continue doing our part as an industry to fight against this epidemic which threatens the lives of tens of thousands of women and hundreds of men each year. 

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Breast Cancer Research Foundation

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