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Sun World CEO Merrill Dibble Talks Life in Utah and New Table Grape Strategy

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Sun World’s new President and CEO, Merrill Dibble, joined us to share insights into his family upbringing, his educational background, and a valuable look into the company’s strategic three point plan to expand its grape business. 

Check out our exclusive interview with Merrill Dibble by watching the video above!

Dibble, a former Vice President of California Operations at AgReserves, Inc., was raised on a family farm in Utah.  There, he cherished his days walking the onion fields alongside friends and co-workers who spoke limited English.

“One of the things [living on a family farm] gave me was the ability to speak Spanish,” he tells me. “One thing I bring to Sun World is the ability to relate to and communicate with all levels of employees. It’s a great way to grow up and I go back as often as I can.”

Dibble is also a former graduate of the Instituto Technológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, where he received his Masters in Marketing. Prior to that, he received his MBA in International Business from the University of San Diego.  

With this leadership transition, Sun World is also embarking on an aggressive strategy to strengthen its position as a premier grape breeder, producer, marketer, and licensor. This strategy includes new vineyards to supplement existing owned and leased properties in California’s Coachella and San Joaquin valleys, an expanded variety development program, and an expanded licensing network.

As part of this strategy, Sun World will also be getting out of its pepper and strawberry farming, and citrus packing and marketing interests.

“Sun World has the proprietary varieties that deliver a distinguishable difference in taste and quality,” Dibble said in a press release. “I am excited to lead the Sun World team as we focus our efforts on world-class plant science, exceptional farming practices, and differentiated sales and marketing programs that allow us to be a superior supplier, and to deliver healthy, delicious grapes that delight consumers around the world.”

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