Mann Packing Introduces Caulilini™ Sweetstem™ Cauliflower, Kale Cabbage Blend, and Sweet Potato “Fettuccine” for Foodservice

Mann Packing Introduces Caulilini™ Sweetstem™ Cauliflower, Kale Cabbage Blend, and Sweet Potato “Fettuccine” for Foodservice

SALINAS, CA - Adding fresh and innovative offerings to its foodservice line, Mann Packing Company has announced the addition of three new products; the company is introducing a proprietary Caulilini™ Sweetstem™ Cauliflower, a Kale Cabbage Blend, and a Sweet Potato “Fettuccine” for foodservice.

Rick Russo, VP Sales, Marketing & Product Management, Mann Packing“After being in field trials for over a year, we’re thrilled to introduce this amazing cauliflower variety to the world, the result of a development partnership with Aruba Seed,” said Rick Russo, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Product Management, in a press release. “Caulilini is as striking on the plate as it is on the palate. It adds texture and high-end visual appeal to everything from veg-centric entrees to creative appetizers, and is already creating a lot of buzz with chefs.”

Mann Packing's new proprietary product: Caulilini™ Sweetstem™ Cauliflower

The newest member of the brassica family, Caulilini features long edible stems and open “blonde” florets. The product is entirely edible—from flower to stem—and has a sweet, tender stalk that turns bright green when cooked. Its unique shape adds both flavor and texture to side dishes, crudité platters, and entrée builds.

Caulilini comes washed and ready to eat, has year-round availability, and is offered in a 3x2 lbs foodservice pack. Last year, Mann’s featured the product in front of a formal Chef’s Panel—who took to Caulini with verve.

Additionally, Mann’s has introduced two other foodservice items: a Kale Cabbage Blend and a Sweet Potato “Fettuccine.”

Mann Packing's Kale Cabbage Blend and Sweet Potato "Fettuccine"

Mann’s Sweet Potato “Fettuccine” is comprised of wide, flat, ribbon cut sweet potato noodles. This “Fettuccine” can easily be employed as a pasta substitute or hearty wrap filling and can also be baked into desserts.

And Mann’s Kale Cabbage Blend is hearty and flavorful mixture of green cabbage, broccoli stems, shaved Brussels sprouts, kale, and radicchio. The eye-catching and versatile mixture can be used as a unique slaw, colorful filler for wraps, or sautéed as part of a textural entrée build.

Mann’s newest products will be featured at the PMA Foodservice Conference + Expo held July 29th in Monterey, California.

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