2023 Reflection and 2024 Predictions From Bianca Kaprielian, Jessica Soare, and Noah Robbins

2023 Reflection and 2024 Predictions From Bianca Kaprielian, Jessica Soare, and Noah Robbins

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UNITED STATES - As one door closes, another opens. And, on many an occasion, these doors pivot on the same hinge—undeniably connected and informing one another.

Recapping the trends of 2023, we hear from several experts on what we can expect to see in 2024

As we conclude 2023, and look to the opportunities of 2024, I leaned into the reflections and predictions of some of our friends, to see what made history for them and what will make the future.

Bianca Kaprielian, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fruit World

Bianca Kaprielian, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fruit World“As we venture into 2024, I foresee dynamic shifts in the fresh produce industry. Building on our learnings from 2023, Fruit World is poised for innovation and sustainability. Our strategic move to EFI certification reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship, meeting the rising demand for sustainable produce.

Anticipating consumer preferences, we are expanding organic acres across our fruit portfolio. This aligns not only with market trends but also fulfills our dedication to preserving the family farm tradition. We acknowledge the vital role family farms play in the agricultural landscape and pledge to support their longevity. Fruit World's foresight embraces eco-conscious choices, ensuring a prosperous future for our company and the farmers we serve.”

Jessica Soare, Director of Marketing, BrightFarms

Jessica Soare, Director of Marketing, BrightFarms“In a post-pandemic world as busy lives resumed, consumers were looking for quality and convenience when it came to healthful foods. Our Crunch Kit Salads deliver on those promises, quickly becoming one of the number 1 indoor salad kit brands nationally.

Next year, we expect those trends to continue with new and exciting flavors and formats coming into the market that will surprise and delight consumers. Two trends we expect to see more of are spice-driven flavors and Blue Zone-friendly products. Our newest Crunch Kit Salad varieties, Southwest Chipotle and Mediterranean are perfectly convenient meal solutions that deliver on the popularity of those flavor trends.”

Noah Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ark Foods

Noah Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ark Foods“We anticipate a surge in demand for unique and convenient produce options. Embracing this trend, we are committed to introducing novel varieties that excite and delight the modern consumer.

As the produce industry evolves, Ark Foods is committed to providing flavorful, accessible, and high-quality products. We believe that convenience will continue to trend as shoppers seek out healthy options that can be easily incorporated into their lifestyles. Our Korean BBQ Stir Fry Kit and a new line of clean-eating salad kits are perfect examples of this demand.”

From the vital role of family farms to innovation in flavor, quality, and convenience, there is much to look forward to in 2024. And a lot to be thankful for, 2023!

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