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4Earth Farms' Dave Hewitt Promoted to Director of National Sales

4Earth Farms' Dave Hewitt Promoted to Director of National Sales

LOS ANGELES, CA - Industry veteran and 4Earth Farms leader Dave Hewitt is the company’s new Director of National Sales.

Hewitt has been a part of the 4Earth Farms team for about 12 years, according to a press release. Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented that Hewitt is one of the company’s most experienced and engaged leaders.

Mark Munger, VP of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms"While the title may be new, Dave has always been a strong leader and team builder in our sales department,” said Munger. “He has certainly earned his new title through his stellar performance and the respect he has earned from everyone in our office."

Munger added that Hewitt has worked for the last several years to grow 4Earth Farms’ retail chain business, and that its growth has been successful enough to necessitate a central leader to coordinate the procurement, value-add, and forecasting departments as they continue to expand.

“Dave’s leadership has really brought everyone together and made us greater than the sum of our parts,” Munger continued.

With with such teamwork and confidence, there is no doubt Hewitt will thrive in this new role.

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