Albert Perez Details Continental Fresh's Mango Advantages at Retail

Albert Perez Details Continental Fresh's Mango Advantages at Retail

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MIAMI, FL - When I ask Albert Perez why mangos are a great category for retailers to promote as we get our footing in the new year, his response throws a question back at me: Can you find a reason why they aren't?

Touché, sir.

Albert Perez, Chief Executive Officer and Grower Relations, Continental Fresh"The new year is a great time for a new you. Refocusing on health is a top priority for many shoppers, and mangos are excellent for healthy and tasty meals at any time of the day," Albert, Chief Executive Officer and Grower Relations for Continental Fresh, shares with me. "Whether it's smoothies at breakfast, power bowls for lunch, or healthy side dishes at dinnertime, mangos are versatile in both savory and sweet applications."

Flavorful and healthy are both key draws in the category's evolution as more and more consumers look to reap the benefits of such an essential fruit.

With the new year turning consumers' focus to healthy eating, now is an ideal time to add Continental Fresh mangos to shelves due to their versatility, flavor, and health benefits

"Mangos are proven to be high in vitamin C—essential in these winter months to ward off colds and illness. Mangos are also a superfruit, and evidence is starting to suggest that they can help with inflammation, gut biodome, and weight control," Albert relays, adding that they do not hurt sales either. "In the first six months of 2022, mango was, for the first time, recognized as a top 10 fruit by retail volume velocity. What this means is mangos are no longer a specialty or seasonal item."

As Albert adds, consumers expect mangos 52 weeks a year, and our industry can provide that experience for them from countries like Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

"During the winter months, the colors and aromas of the different varieties can offer the consumer a tropical vacation experience that they can take home and share. You can even pretend to be on a beach in any one of those countries as you slice and dice a mango," Albert says, painting a picture for me. "Promoting mangos in the new year provides a key ingredient for many recipes that can help jump start those New Year's resolutions to live healthier. You can find many of those recipes at as well."

Appealing to shoppers' desire to do good with their purchases, Continental Fresh continues to pack it’s Water For All labeled mangos that raise awareness and funds for water projects in Latin America

While mangos can definitely market themselves, Continental Fresh also offers merchandising support and packaging solutions to drive consumer traffic to the category while helping to elevate the message of both the brand and the retailer.

The company currently offers standard 4 kilo boxes as well as the larger format 5 down packaging used by some retailers. Continental Fresh also continues to pack its Water For All labeled mangos that raise awareness and funds for water projects in Latin America.

"Today's consumer is much more likely to stay loyal to a product that supports a purpose and, at Continental Fresh, our commitment to water is not just a purpose, it's a passion," Albert expresses.

As we get our bearings in 2023, Albert has a little sneak peek of what is to come for the company's program. This year, look for Juicy the Mango, Continental Fresh's brand ambassador, to be added to all boxes as well!

Happy New Year, Continental Fresh, and cheers to a category that continues to impress, elevate, and distinguish the value of the fresh produce department.

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