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Albertsons Debuts Automated Grocery PickUp Kiosk at Jewel-Osco Store in Chicago

Albertsons Debuts Automated Grocery PickUp Kiosk at Jewel-Osco Store in Chicago

BOISE, ID - Though 2020 may be officially over, the days of shoppers craving convenient and contact-free methods of getting groceries is not. With retailers everywhere looking to bring simplicity back to shopping, one company has announced a first-ever innovation that could do just that as Albertsons has piloted an automated and contactless grocery PickUp kiosk.

Chris Rupp, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer and Digital Officer, Albertsons"We are supercharging our digital and omnichannel offerings to serve customers however they want, whenever they want," said Chris Rupp, EVP and Chief Customer and Digital Officer at Albertsons. "This innovative and contactless pickup kiosk makes it even easier for customers to shop with us in a way that is convenient for them."

The new kiosk comes as an expansion of the grocer’s growing e-commerce business, and the pilot can be found already fulfilling orders at the company’s Jewel-Osco location in Chicago, Illinois, according to its press release. Created by Cleveron and installed by Telaid, the kiosks are contactless, automated, and temperature-controlled, containing two temperature zones: regular and deep freeze.

Albertsons has revealed that it will be piloting the automated and contactless grocery PickUp kiosk as its Jewel-Osco location in Chicago, Illinois

Shoppers can choose the kiosk pickup option and are then offered two-hour time slots to pick up the groceries. Upon arrival at the kiosks, the shoppers scan a QR code on their phones, allowing their groceries to be robotically delivered to the front for pickup, and emphasizing the contact-free convenience so many consumers are looking for.

Arno Kütt, Chief Executive Officer, Cleveron"Cleveron’s pickup solutions are created to save time and offer convenience for everyone. The customers can drive up to the PickUp Kiosk, scan the code, grab their groceries, and go. It is as quick and easy as that," said Cleveron CEO Arno Kütt. "We are honored that Albertsons has selected our technology in their drive to offer the best experience for their customers."

The grocer has plans to extend this innovation to a second location at a Safeway in the California Bay Area in the future.

How will constant innovation continue to tilt the scales within the grocery sector? We at ANUK promise to report when we find out.

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