Apeel Sciences Teams Up With Martin's Super Markets

Apeel Sciences Teams Up With Martin's Super Markets

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SOUTH BEND, IN - One of the more frequent produce memes to populate my Instagram feed is without a doubt the avocados “Not ready, still not ready, EAT ME NOW, too late” cartoon. It is one that Martin’s Super Markets is working to eliminate through a new partnership with Bill Gates-backed Apeel Sciences.

Ed Osowski, Director of Produce, Martin’s Super Markets“We are committed to offering our customers the best possible produce while at the same time providing exceptional value. In keeping with this goal, we tested the Apeel avocados at several locations over several months. The results were positive in terms of customer feedback and increased sales along with a significant reduction in shrink,” said Ed Osowski, Director of Produce.

Just a few weeks in, Apeel Avocados are soon to represent 100% of the fresh avocados offered at Martin’s Super Markets. The retailer said in a statement that the Apeel Avocado rollout in its markets was accelerated after virtually zero shrink was seen with Apeel Avocados in commercial testing. Martin’s added that its confidence in Apeel Avocados is testament to the tremendous opportunity and value provided by the technology’s plant-derived food waste prevention, which on average doubles the edible shelf-life of avocados.

Gordon Robertson, Chief Revenue Officer, Apeel Sciences“We share Martin's passion for delivering the best quality produce to shoppers and are thrilled with their decision to partner with us as the solution for quality extension and shrink reduction,” Gordon Robertson, Apeel’s Chief Revenue Officer, commented.

Apeel avocados will be highlighted in Martin’s Super Markets with a Freshness that Won’t Go to Waste in-store campaign, including secondary display units and signage educating consumers about the power of Apeel to reduce the common problem of food waste at home and in the world. The move to virtually eliminate shrink in its avocados bolsters not only the retailer’s bottom line, but also its firm commitment to delivering on its promise of providing shoppers “the best quality products.” Martin’s evaluates products on three levels:

  • Taste profile
  • Appearance (size, color, and overall eye appeal)
  • Customer longevity, which is how much time the customer has at home to use the product

Just a few weeks in, Apeel Avocados are soon to represent 100% of the fresh avocados offered at Martin’s Super Markets

If a product doesn’t meet all the quality standards above, Martin’s won’t carry it.

The program data through Martin’s partnership with Apeel might still be rolling in, but the science team is currently reporting a 50% or more reduction in avocado shrink at the retail level across programs. Some partners, it noted, have experienced as much as a 65 percentage-point margin increase, with a 10% sales increase for the avocado category, despite inflation or other fluctuations.

Apeel is still accepting select avocado, citrus, and asparagus suppliers into its exclusive program. Interested suppliers and retailer can inquire here.

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