Applewood Fresh® Prepares to Kick Off Michigan Harvest Season; Scott Swindeman, Brian Coates, and Antonia Mascari Share

Applewood Fresh® Prepares to Kick Off Michigan Harvest Season; Scott Swindeman, Brian Coates, and Antonia Mascari Share

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SPARTA, MI - Get ready for the ball drop, or should I say, apple drop. It may not be New Year’s yet, but the apple category is popping off like fireworks as we observe the countdown to the new crops’ harvest. Applewood Fresh® is one supplier ramping up for the occasion, with Rave® and SweeTango® varieties at the forefront.

Scott Swindeman, Managing Owner, Applewood Fresh®“Outrageously juicy with a refreshing snappy zing, Rave apples are part Honeycrisp and part MonArk. They have that infamous Honeycrisp bite, but harvest a few weeks earlier than other apple varieties. MN55 cultivar apples were bred naturally through traditional cross-pollination methods by David Bedford at the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. The company has grown the juicy, early season Honeycrisp-meets-MonArk cross for the past four years," said Scott Swindeman, Managing Owner. "Availability is expected to grow exponentially in 2021 and beyond. Rave is only available for a limited time each year. Look for Rave from Mid-August through October.”

For SweeTango, the company expects production to be similar to last year. Also from the University of Minnesota breeding program, this variety was born of the marriage between Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties. SweeTango is expected to start shipping in Michigan around September 2 or 3.

Applewood Fresh is ramping up for its Michigan harvest season with its Rave and SweeTango varieties headlining

According to a press release, Applewood Fresh offers bulk packaging in Standard and Euro Tray pack Cartons, as well as several packaged options; 2 and 3 lb pouches, 3 lb poly bags, and tote bags fit the new trend of increased packaged apple sales.

Brian Coates, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Applewood Fresh®“Retailers should promote packaged fruit and merchandise in lead-off positions in their produce departments to drive sales. Customers are looking for quick grab-and-go solutions as they navigate the store to expedite their shopping trip,” said Brian Coates, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

To help retailers drive sales, both in-store and online digital marketing tools have been developed to support the harvest.

Antonia Mascari, Vice President of Marketing, Applewood Fresh®“With the help from managed variety partners and The Produce Moms®, the ready-to-use marketing campaigns include display ads, fresh content for social media, up-to-date promotional calendars, sales and merchandising strategy guides, delicious recipes, e-books, and much more,” added Antonia Mascari, Vice President of Marketing.

Join us in celebrating this anticipated harvest by bringing the varieties to your store shelves.

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