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Auvil Fruit Launches New Rebranding Initiative, Lee Arthur Shares the Details

Auvil Fruit Launches New Rebranding Initiative, Lee Arthur Shares the Details

ORONDO, WA - It has always been about the fruit. For decades, Auvil Fruit has had a strong focus and commitment to flavor, quality, and orchard innovation; all in an effort to bring the most delicious and well-cultivated fruit to retailers and consumers alike.

With the company’s current growth and eye on the future, Auvil Fruit is bringing its story to market once again, and this time with a new rebranding initiative.

Chief Operating Officer Lee Arthur joins me to share the many elements of this new endeavor, and how the Gee Whiz story brings Auvil Fruit’s vision to life.

Lee Arthur, Chief Operating Officer, Auvil Fruit Company

“The focus of the rebranding has been two fold. In preparations for a push for growth, we felt that we must first re-invigorate the ‘brand trust’ within our own team and culture,” Lee shares with me. “Our team knew that if we expected more out of the employees and expected to recruit more talent, it was imperative that we build loyalty and trust amongst those who represent Auvil Fruit.”

The second element of this rebranding has been a re-birth of the Gee Whiz brand and what it means to vendor partners and consumers. By furthering consumer brand engagement and awareness of Auvil Fruit and the Gee Whiz brand, the company seeks to drives sales at retail and provide a vital step in reaching the growth goals of the company and its customers.

Looking ahead, Auvil will be rolling out a 12-month awareness campaign that includes social media, blog, news articles, e-newsletters as well as a summer and fall sweepstakes.

“The core message of this rebrand will be delivered through a series of beautifully produced cinematic style videos on our YouTube Channel and blog,” Lee says, noting that these videos weave together the entire Auvil storyline on just how different Auvil really is. “The first of these videos tells the story of how growing world class fruit is deep in our roots.

This full-fledged rebranding campaign has many layers to its execution. From an inner office transition to wearables, a brand new website, packaging and even apple labels. It’s all been updated and overhauled.

When I ask Lee about the message the team is hoping to communicate with the rebrand, he says that it comes down value and commitment.

“Considerable time was spent on the written brand promise,” he comments, adding that the message of value that Auvil brings to the table was even more intensely focused upon than all the visual messaging. “Our new brand promise or tagline, ‘Where Passion Meets Flavor’ embodies the rich history of our brand while at the same time inviting consumers to dream along with us both... what goes into producing Gee Whiz Fruit, as well as what it’s like to eat Gee Whiz Fruit.”

And this new messaging goes back to the very roots of the company’s vision: the passion.

“Our family is passionate about delivering this promise to yours by maintaining our position as a premium grower and producer of Washington apples, cherries, and cider under our highly regarded Gee Whiz brand,” Lee shares.

Currently, Auvil is in a growth phase–ramping up cider production, buying more land, and planting more trees to name a few of these its recent investments.

With the spring hitting its stride, the company saw this as the ideal time to increase awareness and create more demand for Auvil’s premium products.

With the brand refresh underway, Auvil Fruit is looking to ‘spring’ into this next chapter, one apple and cherry at a time.

Auvil Fruit

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