Baldor Specialty Foods Introduces New Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits

Baldor Specialty Foods Introduces New Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits

BRONX, NY - Baldor Specialty Foods is readying itself to launch even more products in its popular line of produce-centric kits. Set to debut early 2018, this expansion of the company’s Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits will feature new easy-to-prepare kit varieties designed to make at-home roasting easier than ever.

Benjamin Walker, Senior Director of Marketing & Development, Baldor Specialty Foods“With Baldor’s Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits, its like having a skilled sous-chef joining you in your kitchen but you get to take all the credit,” says Senior Director of Marketing & Development, Benjamin Walker. “All the work is done for you, and now with our expanded line of vegetable roasting kits, customers have even more choices in fast prep, quick cooking, and restaurant-quality side dishes without the hassles that come with mail-order subscription services.”

Hot Honey Carrot Fries

Taking just minutes to assemble and then 30 minutes of roasting in a single pan, the new kits will encompass the following varieties:

  • Spanish Style Potatoes

  • Caramelized Cauliflower

  • Broccoli Cheddar Bites

  • Sugar & Spice Butternut

  • Spiced Sweet Potatoes

  • Hot Honey Carrot Fries

Michael Muzyk, President, Baldor Specialty Foods“Now retailers can bring Baldor’s industry-wide reputation for quality to their grocery shelves,” Michael Muzyk, the company’s President added.

According to a press release, Baldor’s Urban Roots kits are made from scratch daily, and feature the same high-quality produce and specialty ingredients that the company has made itself know for. Baldor’s touts that its logistical expertise allows for quick turnaround, allowing for the product’s trip from knife to shelf to be complete in less than 24 hours. The company also notes that no subscriptions or commitments are necessary, unlike other meal kits available on the market, and that these kits can be conveniently found in any consumer’s local produce department.

Want to see what other produce-forward selections Baldor is offering in its Urban Roots Veggie Side Kits line? Visit, and check in with the company on Instagram at @meeturbanroots.

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