Baloian Farms' Jeremy Lane Discusses Pepper Market

Baloian Farms' Jeremy Lane Discusses Pepper Market

FRESNO, CA - As the West Coast continues onward through a wet December, growers are bracing their operations to keep supply and quality on the up and up. Baloian Farms, in particular, is one grower doing the absolute most to keep its pepper production on schedule.

With the California season nearing its conclusion, the Sonora season in the middle of its run, and the Sinaloa season kicking off now, Jeremy Lane, Sales Manager, sat down to chat with me about how Baloian Farms’ team is staying on track despite Mother Nature’s barrage of rain.

Jeremy Lane, Sales Manager, Baloian Farms“Our operations teams have gone above and beyond—both working ahead of weather systems and, after they have passed, doing everything they can to prevent problems and mitigate any that might develop,” Jeremy revealed to me. “There has been quite a bit of rain in the production areas, both in California and Mexico. That normally isn’t ideal for peppers, especially in shade houses where it is difficult to vent.”

Baloian Farms' peppers are in great condition and on track for demand despite less than ideal weather conditions in California and Mexico

Despite the weather, Jeremy noted that Baloian Farms’ pepper crop is experiencing excellent color and conditions out of its California operations.

“And, considering all of the weather we’ve experienced in our Mexico operations thus far, quality is surprisingly very nice, which is a real credit to everyone in operations from harvest to post-harvest handling,” Jeremy complimented his team. “Right now, we’re anticipating the same volumes of supply as last year, but as we come off the promotional volumes on retail grade, our supply will lighten. This is because the Sonora growing regions yield more foodservice-grade peppers. Sinaloa is relied upon to service a majority of retail businesses with a fixed supply of retail grade.”

Despite challenges this season both by Mother Nature and low pricing at market, enormous efforts continue to ensure quality peppers are planted, farmed, packed, cooled, and shipped by the strength of providers like Jeremy and his team.

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