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Baltazar Garcia Discusses Benefits of Pete's Hydroponic Lettuce Program

Baltazar Garcia Discusses Benefits of Pete's Hydroponic Lettuce Program

CARPINTERIA, CA - Pete's is not advertising for me alone, but when I tell you their products stop me in their tracks, I’m not lying. I’m every bit the millennial shopper I’ve been brought up to be, and that means that sustainability, cute packaging, and delicious products to boots have made me a Pete’s believer. Am I the only one? Most certainly not, as shoppers from all over are realizing the beauty that is Pete’s premium lineup. I tapped Baltazar Garcia, Director of Sales, to learn some ins and outs of the company’s lettuce program.

Baltazar Garcia, Director of Sales, Pete's“We’re a 100 percent hydroponic company, and our sustainability prowess is linked automatically with our Wondercress and Butter Lettuce,” he shared with me. “Without sacrificing quality, we offer year-round availability, so retailers never have to worry about going out of stock. Both Wondercress and Butter Lettuce have a longer shelf life in store, which reduces shrink factors, too.”

Since the products are—quite literally—connected to their roots, consumers can harvest their own lettuce at home, giving them the freshest option in the produce department.

Pete's premium lineup includes Wondercress and Butter lettuce still attached to its roots, so consumers can harvest their own fresh lettuce at home

“In order to keep consumers interested in healthy eating, strong promotions throughout the year are paramount to success,” Baltazar noted. “Pairing other items with the Wondercress to promote juicing will capture consumer interest. And recipe information on labels educates shoppers on different options for use.”

I know that I’ll be crafting some lettuce wraps—but what will you cook up in order to get produce promotions rising?


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