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Bayer Strengthens Partnership With National Watermelon Association

Bayer Strengthens Partnership With National Watermelon Association

NEW ORLEANS, LA - As part of the pair’s ongoing and growing partnership, Bayer joined the National Watermelon Association (NWA) at its annual convention held in New Orleans, LA, and was woven within the 3-day event agenda. 

“This year’s NWA event was an extremely interactive convention, where all members of the watermelon family came together to celebrate success,” explained Rosie Aguirre, Account Manager for Watermelon and Melon at Bayer. “Not only were we able to be educated regarding how to better serve our industry, but we also were able to spend quality time with our customers. We cannot replace the camaraderie we have as a team; working together to continue to build strong working relationships. In addition, to be able to show case one of our newest varieties to many customers at once is irreplaceable.”

Watermelon team members: Russ Beckham, Rosie Aguirre and Beth Ruman holding 7197HQ F1 fruit in the booth space.

Touching on various educational topics and major concerns of the watermelon growing community, the convention focused on things like labor issues, food safety, and bee health. Roy Morris, Bayer’s Sales Specialist for Florida District represented as a Bee Ambassador, and delivered the positive message of how the company is investing in this issue through its Bee Care Program. 

The NWA convention’s traditional events were back in full swing as well. Events included the Watermelon queen program, where Georgia’s Carla Penney took home the title, and a Watermelon seed spitting contest, where Bayer’s Sales Specialist for Watermelon and Melon Rob Beets, showed off his 40-foot range. 

Rob Beets, Sales Specialist Watermelon and Melon participating in the seed spitting contest.

According to Bayer, the company’s vegetables seeds were also well represented in carrying the team’s message “Strength in Nunhems.” Russ Beckham, Bayer’s Sales Specialist for Watermelon and Melon addressed the audience through a welcome speech during the Saturday night awards banquet, with Bayer showcased as primary sponsor. Beckham noted strengths within the industry, strengths within the company’s customers, and strengths in innovation—in which together, he says, supports a healthy watermelon community.

Also represented at the trade show, Bayer incorporated samples of new variety, SuperSeedless® 7197HQ F1 within the display. Bayer was the only represented company to provide fruit samples to its customers, which the company says was a great way to garner interest and potential for 7197HQ F1 and other varieties. 

Bayer National Watermelon Association

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