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Bee Sweet Citrus Launches

Bee Sweet Citrus Launches "Sweet on Citrus" Campaign Celebrating its Redesigned Label; Monique Bienvenue Discusses

FOWLER, CA - Holy rebrand, Batman! Bee Sweet Citrus has updated its label with a fresh new look, celebrating the diversity of its citrus line.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“Last year, our team redesigned the Bee Sweet Citrus label with a brand-new concept that’s displayed on the packaging of all of our varieties,” stated Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “This year’s Sweet on Citrus campaign plays off of those elements and serves as a reminder that our team has the capability to grow, pack, and ship numerous citrus varieties throughout California’s citrus domestic season.”

The company’s label was modernized to educate shoppers about the varieties in each package, and to remind customers about Bee Sweet’s ability to supply numerous varieties year-round, a press release explained. Decorative citrus slices adorn the packaging of each variety and a dashed lined draws the consumer eye to the Bee Sweet Citrus logo.

Highlighting its newly refreshed label, Bee Sweet Citrus has unveiled its "Sweet on Citrus" campaign

The multi-faceted Sweet on Citrus marketing campaign runs from November through May and incorporates both digital and print elements.

The company’s marketing team will also heavily focus on highlighting specialty citrus varieties on its social media platforms to coincide with the season’s variety availability.

The multi-faceted marketing campaign runs from November through May and incorporates both digital and print elements

“Like California, our citrus line is diverse and has something for everyone,” continued Bienvenue. “Through this campaign, our goal is to successfully re-introduce our label to customers and persuade shoppers to try something new.”

For those looking for what to buy now, California Navel oranges are available, and California Mandarins and grapefruit are set to begin the first week of November!

Bee Sweet Citrus

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