BelleHarvest Announces Two New Packaging Initiatives

BelleHarvest Announces Two New Packaging Initiatives

BELDING, MI - If eyes are the window to the soul, then product packaging is the window to the consumer’s wallet. Fresh produce companies have leveraged innovation to make their packaging more appealing to today’s shoppers, and BelleHarvest is leading the pack. The brand plans to roll out two industry first packaging initiatives sure to be a hit among consumers: sustainable apple cartons and PAW Patrol branded packaging.

Angela Sommers, Marketing Director, BelleHarvest“When we ventured down the sustainable packaging path, we had to learn what it means to be recyclable and sustainable,” explained Angela Sommers, Marketing Director. “A lot of poly bags are promoted as recyclable, but we wanted to look at something different and unique. Based on extensive research, we decided to go in the direction of sustainable apple cartons and came up with a 3-lb vertical box made of paperboard.”

The three varieties featured in this pack option are Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala with each box displaying a different color depending on the variety. The company chose these apple varieties because they have taken over the category and continue to trend upwards in demand. The program promotes that healthy food should taste good and be good for our planet, with the tagline reading, ‘A Healthy Snack in an Earth Friendly Pack.’

BelleHarvest is rolling out two industry first packaging initiatives: sustainable apple cartons and PAW Patrol branded packaging

“Consumers see paper and paper-based packaging as a trusted source,” said Angela. “Some of the information I've gotten from our partners shows that 69 percent of people prefer paper-based product packaging to packaging from plastic, and 67 percent agree that because paper and packaging products are made from trees, they're an environmentally smart choice. One of the stats shows that 58 percent of millennials are willing to pay more for products from companies that are being environmentally friendly.”

BelleHarvest noted that each pack option displays a different color depending on the variety featured: Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Gala

Not only is the company narrowing in on its millennial customers, but it is also catering to younger consumers through its new PAW Patrol branded packaging. Partnering with Viacom, a mass media company, to utilize its PAW Patrol intellectual property, the company hopes to create something exciting for kids and families. This packaging is available in a 3-lb pouch bag and will be branded with the three most popular PAW Patrol pups: Chase, Marshall, and Skye.

Consumers see paper and paper-based packaging as a trusted source, BelleHarvest reported, and prefer paper packaging to plastic

“Chase is Honeycrisp, Skye is Gala, and Marshall is Fuji. PAW Patrol is the number one show on Nickelodeon with parents and kids and we know one in three preschoolers watch the series. We thought this would be a great way for kids to get a healthy snack,” Angela told me. “It's really encouraging to have a piece of fruit put in a fun, exciting bag that highlights a kid’s favorite characters from their favorite show.”

According to Angela, Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala make up 57 percent of total U.S. market share. Additionally, there is a 67 percent likelihood of an apple purchase with the presence of children in the home and 81 percent of parents say kids influenced their CPG purchase. For these reasons, the PAW Patrol program is sure to be a hit with families.

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