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Berry People Teases Consistent Volume and Quality for Peruvian Blueberries; Michael Osumi and Jerald Downs Discuss

Berry People Teases Consistent Volume and Quality for Peruvian Blueberries; Michael Osumi and Jerald Downs Discuss

HOLLISTER, CA - Year-round supply is a boon for securing POs, and Berry People is one grower with this strategy down pat. As North American blueberry supplies wind down, Peru's are just getting started, wielding a long growing season, steady climate, and consistent conditions to provide retailers with a trustworthy source of high-quality blueberries.

Michael Osumi, Chief Operating Officer, Berry People"We continue to have new acreage in play, and the crop-set looks heavier, and earlier, than last year," said Michael Osumi, Chief Operating Officer. "We are expecting to begin shipping in August, a couple of weeks early, with peak arrivals planned for October through mid-December."

The company's year-round supply of conventional and organic blueberries is a result of its increasing commercial partnerships in Peru, Chile, and North America, a press release stated.

With its Peruvian blueberry crop-set looking heavier, and earlier, than last year, Berry People will begin shipping in August

Between COVID-related packaging supply constraints and port of entry delays, logistics is an increasing challenge for the industry, and Berry People is chasing these issues head-on. Its one-stop-mixer-dock berry model—shipping both during the summer out of the Central Coast, and in the fall, winter, and spring out of Southern California—continues to simplify shipping for buyers. The company is also taking into account lead time constraints on packaging materials and pallets to ensure coverage of customer demand for certain pack styles.

Jerald Downs, President, Berry People"As Berry People approaches our fourth year in business, our overall volume, continuity, and mix of supply allows us to make larger program commitments with key retail accounts. This year's Peruvian season is part of that growth, and we are making customer alignments now that we hope to carry forward and upward for years to come as the acreage and volume continues to increase," said Jerald Downs, President.

Blueberries are a summertime favorite for North American consumers due to eating quality, antioxidant benefits, and high nutrient density, and with these Peruvian supplies, consumers can enjoy quality Berry People blueberries every week of the year. These branded blueberries are available in 6 oz, 1 pint, and 18 oz pack sizes.

As the produce supply chain becomes more streamlined to best meet North American demands, keep reading ANUK to stay in the know.

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