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Bobalu Details Latest Crop Update

Bobalu Details Latest Crop Update

CALIFORNIA - Come with me, industry friends, as we take a virtual tour of Bobalu’s growing regions. With a pulse on the highly coveted category, the grower has shared an update into its production across Santa Maria and Oxnard, California, as well as its Mexico crop.

Starting with Santa Maria, Bobalu is anticipating promotable volume in late September into early October.

“We have made our way through the mid-summer gap and see plants rebounding with a bit more fruit for the rest of this month,” the company stated in a release. “We should see an increase in strawberry volume once we get past Labor Day and the fall crop here kicks in. The plants look great on both spring and summer ranches, so we are looking forward to a nice fall season as we roll into next month. We did have an unexpected rain event one day this week, but that should not have any long lasting impact.”

Sharing the details of its production in Mexico and California, Bobalu is gearing up for an uptick in volume as we enter the fall timeframe

As for its Oxnard, California, crop, harvest is expected to kick off in October; Mexico is expecting an early beginning to its season in late October.

“The Oxnard fall crop should begin mid to late October,” the grower’s release went on to note. “As we get closer to the start of the harvest in both regions, we will let you know and send photos. We look forward to a nice long program with all three of these regions working together to take us into 2024.”

You can bet on more timely updates from this beloved strawberry grower, so keep clicking on ANUK for the latest.


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