Borton Fruit Highlights High-Quality Growing Methods and Popular Varieties

Borton Fruit Highlights High-Quality Growing Methods and Popular Varieties

YAKIMA, WA - As you look to promote the best in your produce department, here’s What’s In Store for vertically-integrated family farming operation, Borton Fruit.

With over 100 years of farming expertise, Borton Fruit has been family-owned and operated for four generations. Growing nearly all our own fruit to ensure both quality and consistency in all our products, Borton Fruit was one of the early adopters of high-quality varieties such as high-color Gala, Aztec Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady.

Borton Family Legacy

Today, we are not only one of the largest growers of Honeycrisp in the U.S., but are growing and developing new and exciting proprietary varieties like the popular Rockit™and KORU® apples.

Using innovative farming, including high-density plantings with state-of-the-art trellis training systems and continually replacing older orchards with the newest and best strains of each variety, we look to make sure our crops provide high-density and high-quality and a consistently fresh eating experience.

Borton Trellis Training System

We do all this so that you and your shoppers have the peace of mind that our fruit is grown, packed, and stored with the utmost care and commitment to quality and food safety, leaving the eater consumer with nothing left to do but bite, and enjoy.

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Borton Fruit

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