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Brett Dixon Talks Top Brass' Expanding Organics Program

Brett Dixon Talks Top Brass' Expanding Organics Program

BAKERSFIELD, CA – As consumers and retailers continue to increase consumption of both conventional and organic grapes, Top Brass is answering demand for the segments with increased acreage and attentive farming, particularly to its organic program.

As Brett Dixon, President of Top Brass, recently told me, the company is finishing packing its Sugraone and Flame conventional grapes, and launching production of its conventional Thompson, Princess, Scarlet Royal, and Summer Royal varieties. 

Brett Dixon, President, Top Brass

Top Brass is also kicking off its organic program with Sugraone, Thompson, Scarlet Royal, and Flame organic grapes. “We have increased our acreage on organics, and the organics we’ve planted in the past are increasing their productivity as well,” Brett says.

Brett says that the company’s quality of grapes has been exceptional this year, with Top Brass hearing feedback from its partners and customers that its sizing this year is above average as compared to the industry as a whole. 

“The quality of both our organic and conventional grapes is excellent, and the prices have been relatively steady,” Brett says of Top Brass’ offerings and the current market.

Brett says that the company expects to increase its yields as the organic segment and consumer interest in organic grapes continues to grow. 

“We are happy to provide organic grapes to consumers in the U.S. and abroad,” Brett says. “We feel that there continues to be room for future growth and are planning on increasing our commitment in organics for years to come.” 

Top Brass credits its notable products to attention to detail, especially when it comes to organic farming. Brett says that the company’s farming department has a deep-seeded assurance to their duties, and that of organic farming in particular.

“Organic farming is not easy, but we take the time to get it right,” finishes Brett. 

As Top Brass continues to make an invested commitment to organics, and increasing its acreage in relation to expanding consumer demand, AndNowUKnow will keep our eye on the table grape segment for the latest announcements and product offerings.

Top Brass

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