Broccoli Truck Spill Closes Portland-Area Interstate

Broccoli Truck Spill Closes Portland-Area Interstate

FALMOUTH, ME - Everyone’s favorite mini tree-shaped veggie made an appearance outside the cushy home of a supermarket shelf. A noontime truck spill on a Portland, Maine-area interstate gave way to a cascade of hundreds of pounds of broccoli last week. 

Causing a several hour traffic back-up at exit 11 on I-295 to close, Lt. Erik Baker on the scene said the accident was likely caused by the driver taking too sharp and fast of a turn on the off-ramp, causing the weight of the truck to shift and tip. 

Broccoli from the spill. Image via WCSH6 News.

Thankfully for broccoli lovers everywhere, efforts were made to salvage the crop, with workers forming an assembly from the crash to a new truck, reports local news source WCSH6. Police estimated a four hour clean up time to make sure the interstate was veggie-free, with the real time cleanup wrapping up just little before 4 PM local time.

Baker shared with reporters that the driver, Victor Brendana Jarquin, was transferred to Maine Medical Center in Portland with only minor injuries—mainly superficial cuts. 

The fallen broccoli truck. Image via WCSH6 News.

Looking back, this may be the summer of produce truck drama, it seems. In just a little over the past month, ANUK has reported on two banana truck fires, a stolen truck containing 2.66 tons of tomatoes, and another truck fire involving tomatoes

Will the produce drama continue to ensue across our unaware interstates? AndNowUKnow will continue driving you to the latest.