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California Prunes Shine in Fourpoints® Energy Bars

California Prunes Shine in Fourpoints® Energy Bars

ROSEVILLE, CA - As an avid energy bar consumer—you can find me on any given day at the ANUK office sitting in my orange chair and devouring a protein bar—I will say that the category has been short on one delectable fresh produce category in particular, and that’s prunes! But this problem won’t persist for much longer, as the California Prune Board announced that Fourpoints® is bolstering its prune-centric ingredient list with California prunes.

Donn Zea, Executive Director, California Prune Board“It’s refreshing to partner with a company that truly believes in the power of prunes,” said Donn Zea, Executive Director of the California Prune Board. “Fourpoints not only recognizes the remarkable benefits that prunes offer, but they’ve gone the extra mile to feature the California Prunes brand on packaging in prime real estate near the list of ingredients where health-conscious consumers gravitate.”

Lauded as the first and only energy bar to feature prunes, according to a press release, Fourpoints’ California prune-centric product is disrupting the energy bar market by taking full advantage of the fresh, naturally sweet taste and exceptional nutritional profile of California prunes—characteristics that are in large part thanks to their ideal growing conditions and high environmental standards and craftsmanship when growing and drying the crop.

Leslie Bonci, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutrition Expert, and Nutrition Consultant, California Prune Board “California Prunes have a low-glycemic index meaning a slower rise in blood sugar that increases satiety to delay hunger during exercise. This makes prunes an ideal energy source,” said Leslie Bonci, Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutrition Expert, and California Prune Board Nutrition Consultant. “California Prunes deliver the nutritional clout of macros (carbohydrates and fiber), micros (vitamins and minerals), and phytos (polyphenols). They are neat little bites that add big taste delight.”

To truly highlight all the value that California prunes are adding to Fourpoints’ energy bars, the packaging has been revised to feature the new California prunes brand.

Fourpoints is featuring prunes in its energy bars, highlighting the fruit's naturally sweet taste and exceptional nutritional profile

“The California Prunes brand represents all that makes California Prunes exceptional. It’s more than a logo and a tag line, it’s a statement about being the best,” said Zea. “California Prunes are a versatile and functional ingredient, making them particularly attractive for manufacturers, such as Fourpoints.”

The California Prune Board and Fourpoints are also teaming up on strategic integration opportunities, including co-promotion via special events, social media, outreach, and sampling—all of which showcase just how unique Fourpoints bars are. Specifically, the brand’s energy bars are crafted to offer hours of slow-burning energy.

Kevin Webber, Co-Founder, Fourpoints“The energy bar category is crowded and full of the same old date-based and syrup-based bars,” said Kevin Webber, Co-Founder of Fourpoints. “You have to have a one-of-a-kind product to stand out, and for us, that means a one-of-a-kind ingredient: California Prunes. We created our product out of both passion for outdoor recreation and out of personal need for a low-glycemic, better functioning bar inspired by our families fight with diabetes. We use only the highest-quality ingredients, like prunes—exclusively sourced from California— to make Fourpoints bars. Those seeking action and adventure deserve an energy bar that delivers clean energy, tastes amazing, and is easily enjoyed on-the-go, too. Fourpoints and California Prunes deliver on both.”

Fourpoints energy bars—which come in five flavors: Alpine Apple Pie, Backcountry Banana Bread, Mountain Mocha Espresso, Powder Day PB&J, and Trailhead Gingerbread—are available nationally at REI, regionally in the Denver area at Safeway and King Soopers, and online. Retailers looking to energize their produce aisles shouldn’t be shy in nabbing Fourpoints for their stores.

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