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Center for Growing Talent Introduces New HRvest Tool

Center for Growing Talent Introduces New HRvest Tool

NEWARK, DE - Turning your talent crisis into a talent opportunity? Center for Growing Talent (CGT) has your back. How, you might ask? By focusing strategically on its people practices with CGT’s new assessment tool, HRvest. A simple and strategic management tool, HRvest was developed in partnership with the HR transformation experts at PwC and is now available through CGT as part of its mission to provide industry-specific solutions to attract, develop, and retain talent.

Marty Craner, CGT Board of Directors and President, B&C Fresh Sales“Our industry is facing a massive talent challenge, worse than many other industries because we have the added problem that top young talent doesn’t know about our industry unless they grew up with us,” said CGT Board of Directors Chair Marty Craner and President of B&C Fresh Sales. “For our companies to become talent magnets, first we have to make talent a strategic priority.”

According to a press release, the HRvest assessment HRvest guides companies through identifying the gaps and opportunities in their HR programs and practices, and then helps them build action plans to increase retention.

Margi Prueitt, PMA Senior Vice President, Center for Growing Talent“When you approach HR strategically, your company becomes a more attractive place to work, and your employees are more engaged and more likely to stay with you. With that talent advantage, you can better drive your business forward.” said Center for Growing Talent Executive Director Margi Prueitt.

Produce Marketing Association CEO Cathy Burns noted in the press release that strategic human resources to be an industry imperative.

Cathy Burns, CEO, PMA“As younger workers enter the marketplace with a special passion to make a meaningful difference in the world, the produce and floral communities are primed for an infusion of fresh talent,” Burns said. “To keep pace, we need to be prepared for a diverse set of skills that can be delivered by a wide range of people, from those without degrees to those with PhDs. HRvest will provide industry with much-needed HR analysis to retain our best and brightest talent, and ultimately grow a healthier world.”

CGT also stated that HRvest is the boldest offering to date from Center for Growing Talent.

HRvest was developed to attract, develop, and retain talent

“Big corporations pay tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of strategic management evaluation,” said Craner. “The Center for Growing Talent Board of Directors decided to invest in developing this first ever, industry-specific tool so that our entire industry can benefit from it.

For more information and to enroll your company to take the HRvest assessment, click here and follow the HRvest link.

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