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Chantler Packaging Adds New EnduroPouch™ to Family of Flexible Packaging

Chantler Packaging Adds New EnduroPouch™ to Family of Flexible Packaging

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - Chantler Packaging Inc. has added a new technology called EnduroPouch™ to its family of innovative flexible packaging. This trademarked bag is created with proprietary technology and provides cost savings to both the packer and retailer, all while embracing sustainability.

“EnduroPouch™ was designed to give a simultaneous benefit in environmental packaging reduction and consumer convenience,” Grant Ferguson, Chantler Packaging VP of Sales and Marketing, tells AndNowUKnow.

The bag was created as a solution to a common problem occurring with regular bags for grapes and cherries and has now been adopted by other companies for mini cucumbers and peppers. That problem was that traditional produce pouches handles constantly break and leave retailers with produce that goes to waste.

EnduroPouch™ offers a reinforced handle that allows Chantler to use as much as 40% less packaging. That packaging reduction creates an immediate environmental difference by using less material as well as the changes in the packaging’s construction and manufacturing processes.

Another major environmental impact is not quite as obvious. “When shoppers see a traditional pouch with broken or ripped handles, they assume that the food inside must be bad as well. That means that they don’t buy it, and the good food goes to waste,” Grant says. “The fossil fuel and the carbon footprint it takes to grow the food that has gone to waste due to ripped handles is a major issue. One that EnduroPouch™ helps to fix.”

With benefits in convenience and food safety, consumers have been following the pouch trend. The EnduroPouch™ maximizes on this and allows brands to increase consumer engagement. Its design allows brands to communicate all of the environmental benefits, freshness guarantee and company history all on the packaging.

Combining high-quality graphics, gravure printing and innovative techonology, the EnduroPouch™ is a great option for growers, packer, retailers and consumers alike.

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