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Chelan Fresh Features Increasingly-Popular Rockit Apple

CHELAN, WA - Sometimes to go big, you have to think small. While you look to keep ahead of eating trends, here’s What’s In Store for Chelan Fresh.

With a collective experience going back more than 100 years, we at Chelan Fresh know a hit fruit when we see one. That’s why we, in partnership with Borton Fruit, are excited to bring you the miniature Rockit™ apple.

Known for its naturally petite stature and “distinctively fresh” crunch, Rockit™ apples launched onto the world from New Zealand’s east coast in 2010, and has since climbed sky-high as a consumer favorite.

Born from a Royal Gala and Gala Splendour cross, this all-natural, red-blushed apple is the perfect snack for millennial parents looking to hook their kids on healthy foods. 

And now this delightful fruit has dug its roots into U.S. soil. Growers of both Chelan Fresh and Borton Fruit are bringing this gem to you and your shoppers directly from the heart of apple-growing country in Chelan, Washington.

As momentum continues to Rockit, don’t miss your chance to take a bite out of the crunchiest little apple on the market.

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