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Chelan Fresh Partners with Good Housekeeping and Receives New Nutritionist Approved Emblem

Chelan Fresh Partners with Good Housekeeping and Receives New Nutritionist Approved Emblem

CHELAN, WA – Chelan Fresh is looking to bring fresh produce even further into the reach of consumers with its latest partnership. The company has announced that its mission will now be at the forefront of inspiring consumer food choices through the launch of Good Housekeeping’s new Nutritionist Approved Emblem program. 

Chelan Fresh has been spotlighted by in a video by Good Housekeeping’s (GH) Nutrition Director and Registered Dietitian Jackie London, who developed and is leading the program. In this exclusive video, Jackie discusses what makes Chelan Fresh a premiere partner for this national program, and one of the first food companies to receive the Emblem. 

Jackie London, Nutrition Director and Registered Dietitian, Good Housekeeping“[Chelan Fresh] is transforming the food industry through their unique and focused produce innovations,” London says in the video. “Through sustainable and forward-thinking use of technology, Chelan has found simple strategies and solutions to navigate complex issues in today’s food climate.”

London describes Chelan's mission to up the intake of fresh fruit by means of accessibility as a seamless fit into its new partnership with GH and the Nutritionist Approved Emblem program. 

So, just what is the aforementioned program? GH has expanded on its Good Housekeeping Seal to formulate a new marker, the Nutritionist Approved Emblem, to help produce standout on store shelves as options which uphold healthy and lasting food choices.

“The Emblem is both health-conscious and lifestyle-aware, geared toward providing tangible solutions to the real-life barriers that prevent us from adopting healthier habits that are sustainable—particularly for Millennials. With this new platform, the Emblem and incubator synergizes scientific evidence in nutrition research with a sense of relatability and understanding of the needs of consumers,” stated London in a press release. 

The program will also allow GH to work directly with its partners on their overall brand messaging and product development with an innovative incubator specifically for food brands. The GH Food and Nutrition Brand Lab Incubator, housed in the GH Institute in Hearst Tower, NY, will evaluate current and developing products for Emblem consideration. Brands aligned with GH Nutritionist Approved core values of simplicity, transparency, and innovation will undergo the rigorous evaluation process for Emblem consideration. 

To view London’s exclusive and special message about Chelan Fresh’s involvement in the program, view the video above. 

To learn more about Chelan Fresh’s new participation, and the GH Nutritionist Approved Emblem, visit here. Or, see Chelan Fresh featured in the November issue of Good Housekeeping, available October 18.

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