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Christina Ward Talks Sunkist Portfolio and New Initiatives for PMA Fresh Summit

Christina Ward Talks Sunkist Portfolio and New Initiatives for PMA Fresh Summit

VALENCIA, CA - In just my short eight years in the industry, I have watched the promotional and merchandising opportunities for retail citrus programs grow and grow. As companies find ways of diversifying their programs, reinvigorating varieties, and introducing new ones, the possibilities for citrus have hit their year-round stride in very exciting ways. Sunkist Growers is one of those industry leaders that is helping to rally and elevate that category, and with a team of minds like it has, it is pretty easy to see the execution in spades. Now with PMA Fresh Summit just around the corner, the Sunkist banner is flying high.

Christina Ward, Director of Communications, Sunkist“We continue to celebrate WE ARE CITRUS® at PMA Fresh Summit this year, highlighting our farm-to-table offerings of California-grown fruit. Sunkist is a 125-year-old cooperative, and we proudly offer more than 40 varieties of fresh citrus, with customizable marketing programs to drive sales,” Christina Ward, Director of Communications, shares with me. “This year, we are encouraging real talk, real food, and real experiences using Sunkist citrus, and attendees can stop by booth number 3037 to Share What’s Real™. Sharing is in our DNA; through our resources, our land, and our products. We exist to connect people.”

Sunkist proudly offers more than 40 varieties of fresh citrus

This year, Sunkist is truly helping customers differentiate with a wide array of retail marketing programs, including sampling, digital coupons, high-graphic secondary display bins and in-store point of sale materials that highlight flavor profiles, nutritional benefits, and recipes to build awareness, drive trial, and increase sales.

“We will be showcasing our vast portfolio of fresh citrus offerings including navels oranges, lemons, grapefruit, mandarins, and specialty varieties, such as blood oranges, Cara Cara navel oranges, and Minneola tangelos,” Christina says. “We also have new packaging for specialty organic citrus and a new Lunar New Year design for the Year of the Rat.”

Sunkist has new packaging for a variety of its citrus offerings

On top of that, and in conjunction with new packaging and Sunkist’s abundance of citrus offerings, the company will be rolling out a citrus-forward campaign showcasing how consumers can share innovative ways to bring citrus to the table.

“Being a California fresh citrus cooperative, Sunkist is excited that PMA Fresh Summit is in our backyard this year. The Anaheim Convention is around the corner (not literally) from an original Sunkist packinghouse, which was converted into a foodie destination. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Sunkist recently joined the Anaheim Packing District as they celebrated the building’s centennial anniversary,” Christina expresses. “Sunkist loves to collaborate with chefs on fun and unique ways to utilize Sunkist citrus in various dishes and drinks, and for this year’s PMA Fresh Summit, we’re partnering with three local Anaheim artisans to bring citrus-forward flavors to the event.”

So attendees, be on the lookout for the rotating menu schedule. PMA Fresh Summit brings the industry together, and offers a great venue to kick off the upcoming citrus season. Check out booth #3037 to experience local fare featuring Sunkist oranges, lemons, and grapefruit—and we will see you all there!

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