CMI Announces Rebrand to CMI Orchards

CMI Announces Rebrand to CMI Orchards

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WENATCHEE, WA – For the first time in 27 years of business, Columbia Marketing International (CMI) has announced a full company rebranding. This milestone comes complete with a new and brighter logo, and a new name; CMI Orchards.

Bob Mast, President, CMI Orchards

"Over the past two decades, CMI's market presence has grown exponentially," said CMI Orchards’ President, Bob Mast. "Our owners have expanded and replanted their orchards, made significant upgrades in packing facilities, created new product offerings, planted the strongest branded apples available, and created wonderful, consumer-friendly packaging. It’s a completely new era for our customers."

According to a press release, the company decided to change the name from CMI to CMI Orchards to create a focal point for customers and consumers. A national research study was performed to ensure that the new look and logo would resonate with shoppers. 

Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing, CMI Orchards

"We know from the success we’ve had with our Daisy Girl and Ambrosia packaging that consumers actively respond to colors and key words," stated Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing. "A big part of incorporating ‘orchards’ in our new name is to transport consumers directly into the core of our operation."

In addition to the name change and rebranding, the company will also make changes to all packaging, including new domestic and export apple cartons. 

Mast said, "We’re very excited that our retail customers will begin seeing CMI’s new cartons in the marketplace almost immediately. New name, new look, same great company."

To even further boost excitement over this first-ever change, a video announcing the company’s fresh new look can be seen below.

Lutz also stated that the rebranding was specifically cultivated with leveraging the legacy of the company in mind, while also focusing on the strong success the organization has achieved in past few years. 

"In 2015, CMI hit a major milestone, becoming America's number one selling apple brand in the United States," said Lutz. "We hold top status on most of our new apple brands, we have the #1 selling pouch bag and even our Sweet Gourmet Pear packaging is changing the way pears are sold."

The company’s full and official rebrand launched officially on September 1, revealing the new and fully encompassing new face of the company to its consumers and retailers alike. 

“Orchards are the core of our operation. CMI’s owners and growers have made huge financial investments and are committed to delivering the finest fruit in the world to our customers,” finished Mast.

What else does CMI have in-store for the company and its growth-minded moves? Stay with AndNowUKnow for the latest.

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