Colombian Avocado Growers Aid Index Fresh in Providing High-Quality Product

Colombian Avocado Growers Aid Index Fresh in Providing High-Quality Product

RIVERSIDE, CA - According to Statista, consumers in the US ate over 2.4 billion lbs of avocados last year. With all the avocado toast going around these days, it’s a wonder how retailers and foodservice providers maintain the fruit’s high quality year-round. Global avocado marketer Index Fresh recognized this growing need and made the move to join forces with Hass avocado growers in Colombia.

Giovanni Cavaletto, Vice President of Sourcing, Index Fresh“Index Fresh has been working on these relationships since 2012. Our focus has been on learning the needs, challenges, and objectives of the growers and working to match these with those of the market,” said Giovanni Cavaletto, Vice President of Sourcing.

When the company initially visited Colombia, the country was an up-and-coming Hass producer with rich ties to West Indian avocado varieties. As years passed, growers in Colombia dialed in on the Hass variety, planting their crops at higher elevations to access export markets.

Index Fresh has teamed up with avocado growers in Colombia to fill increased demand

“The Colombian avocados allow Index Fresh to build on the success that we’ve been developing for over a century. The Hass industry in Colombia is young and vibrant. There are very few trees in the country that are over ten years old. Over the next five years, I believe the exports will grow considerably as more trees come into production,” added Cavaletto.

Their close proximity to the equator allows growers in Colombia to harvest their crops multiple times throughout the year, reported a press release. And how do they maintain that high-quality creaminess of in-season avocados, you ask? The development of Colombian orchards at different altitudes creates ideal conditions for a healthy harvest. Another advantage of Colombian imports is attributed to their export turnaround of 4-11 days.

The Hass avocado industry in Colombia is young and vibrant, with expected export growth in the near future

“Working with growers in Colombia allows Index Fresh to fulfill our mission of supplying high quality avocados to valued customers, while building our network of grower partnerships,” said Cavaletto.

Although the partnership was recently announced, the US ruled to allow Colombian Hass avocados in August of 2017. It’s no secret that the avocado demand continues to grow.

Index Fresh is focusing its early shipments from Colombia in two blocks—June-August (traviesa bloom) and November-February (normal bloom). AndNowUKnow will continue to report on the company’s exciting avocado endeavor.

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