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Crunch Time Sees National Approval for SnapDragon® Apple

Crunch Time Sees National Approval for SnapDragon® Apple

LOCKPORT, NY - Selling out every season since its inception in 2013, Crunch Time Apple Grower’s SnapDragon® apple saw tremendous sales not only in the U.S., but in Israel, Vietnam, and Canada as well. The sweet and spicy apple lives up to the crunchy name of the company all thanks to Dr. Susan Brown of Cornell University, the developer of SnapDragon. Crunch Time saw sales increase by 100 percent across several large retail chains and doubled overall sales in 2018 over 2017.

Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Crunch Time Apple Growers“We had a solid year in a very competitive playing field,” Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated. “Our growers grow amazing apples. Not just good apples. But great apples.”

The press release states that the success of the SnapDragon is all thanks to working with seven powerhouse shippers that provide extension distribution, superior packing capabilities, and that are known as some of the best growers in the state. Due to the high demand for consciously grown, delicious produce from customers, SnapDragon anticipates increased volume for 2020.

Crunch Time’s SnapDragon apple is sweet and spicy

Strong sales in 2018 have led Crunch Time to add a variety of packaging options to include 3 lb tote and pouch bags as well as 2 lb pouch bags. Mark your calendars! SnapDragon apples become available around mid- to late September. Seeing as they seem to sell out every season, I recommend buying them right when they land on shelves. Head to SnapDragonapple.com for more information on these wonderful apples. AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on the latest apple news.

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