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D’Arrigo Bros. Releases Girl Boss Video Broccoli Rabe with Chef Candice Kumai

D’Arrigo Bros. Releases Girl Boss Video Broccoli Rabe with Chef Candice Kumai

SALINAS, CA - D’Arrigo Bros. and Celebrity Chef Candice Kumai have joined forces to deliver a new, 30-second campaign video for Broccoli Rabe. Titled, “Girl Boss,” the dynamic and up-tempo video shows professionally trained chef, wellness journalist and five time best-selling cookbook author, Candice Kumai, using her Broccoli Rabe to fuel her through her workout.

Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, Marketing and Culinary Manager, D’Arrigo

“The purpose of the ‘Girl Boss’ video is to highlight how eating Broccoli Rabe helps facilitate an active lifestyle,” explains D’Arrigo Marketing and Culinary Manager Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos. “The vegetable elevates Chef Candice Kumai’s athletic abilities to a heroic level of peak physical fitness. The takeaway is that Broccoli Rabe is so nutritious that it will power you to push past any goals you set with superhuman determination and strength.”  

According to a press release, the feeling of the video is similar to an athletic commercial, so D’Arrigo wants consumers to be inspired to cook and eat Broccoli Rabe to get moving and feeling great all day long. Watch the video for yourself above.

Candice Kumai D'Arrigo

Andy Boy’s Broccoli Rabe is versatile enough to be by grilling, sautéing, blanching, blending, pureeing, or even steaming the super-green to either enhance the bold flavor or tone it down. Claudia shares that versatility isn’t its only redeeming quality either, but its nutrient content is also worth noting.

Broccoli Rabe D'Arrigo

“Broccoli Rabe is loaded with vitamin A and C to improve skin and cellular health, vitamin K to fight against bone loss, antioxidants to curb the aging process, lutein to promote eye health, anti-inflammatory nutrients to reduce heart disease and phyto-compounds that when consumed breakdown to become anti-cancer properties in the body,” Claudia adds. 

Candice Kumai D'Arrigo

For more on Broccoli Rabe, visit the Andy Boy's dedicated website here.

D'Arrigo Bros.

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