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Del Rey Avocado Feeds Demand with Strong Avocado Supply; Bob Lucy Discusses

Del Rey Avocado Feeds Demand with Strong Avocado Supply; Bob Lucy Discusses

SAN DIEGO, CA - Though the pressure to start this new decade off on the right foot was high, the avocado category has only thrived under this pressure. After all, if you can’t handle the green, stay out of the grove—a saying I’m only assuming circulates amongst our industry’s savvy ’cado growers. When I checked in with Bob Lucy, President of Del Rey Avocado, he confirmed the market is strong, with demand only climbing.

Bob Lucy, President, Del Rey AvocadoHigh demand has been an excellent start to the year. In January and February, we met this demand by providing fantastic volume to the market. We expect this trend to continue throughout the year with strong supplies from Mexico, California, and Peru,” Bob shared with me. “Currently, Del Rey Avocado is packing California fruit five days a week, while at the same time importing good supplies from Mexico. Our California product is primarily serving our West Coast customers and our Mexican fruit is supplying our East Coast customers.”

Del Rey Avocado reported that the avocado supply is strong as demand only continues to climb

Of this product, Bob is projecting volume from Mexico to account for five to 10 percent more of Del Rey Avocado’s supply than last year, while California’s volume should double.

Patrick Lucy, Vice President of Sales, Del Rey Avocado“While it’s still too early to judge how this is tracking, quality has been very good from both California and Mexico. We expect excellent quality to continue through the spring and the summer,” Patrick Lucy, Vice President of Sales, explained. “It’s helped that we’ve had no major weather issues in Mexico over the course of the last couple of months. In California, it has been a bit drier than growers would have liked, and this seems to be having an effect on fruit sizing. However, we are hopefully going to get some rain in mid-March, which will help the California crop and bloom for next year’s harvest.”

As a result of the weather, smaller fruit is more available and promotable at the moment across California and Mexico crops.

Avocados were in high demand at the beginning of the year and Del Rey Avocado expects this trend to continue throughout 2020

“Specifically, the market is tight on 48s and larger sizes,” Bob noted. “However, we continue to expect good volume overall through the spring and summer months.”

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