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Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms' Micki Dirtzu Charley Discusses Watermelon Season

Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms' Micki Dirtzu Charley Discusses Watermelon Season

LOS ANGELES, CA - By following the sun, Dulcinea® ensures that it’s always watermelon season. I spoke with Micki Dirtzu Charley, Director of Marketing for Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea, about the current state of watermelons.

Micki Dirtzu Charley, Director of Marketing, Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea“At Dulcinea it’s always watermelon season! We are currently harvesting sweet, juicy Dulcinea PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelons out of Mexico and Central America. We return back on the domestic side in the Southeastern states in May and will harvest across the United States through October. A limited quantity of Organic PureHearts will be available starting mid-January through the end of February out of Mexico, with continuous production and increased quantities mid-April through October harvested both domestically and out of Mexico,” Dirtzu Charley said.

Dulcinea PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelons

Not only are the company's watermelons doing well, but Dulcinea also has some quite unique varieties, “Our Dulcinea SunnyGold Yellow Mini-Seedless Watermelons are a summer delicacy offered domestically only in May through September,” continued Dirtzu Charley. “This is a great in-and-out item to ‘surprise and delight’ consumers or leverage increased sales with a Dulcinea melon destination in the produce department. Lastly, our Sugar Daddy Seedless Full-Size Watermelons have availability all year-round out of Mexico and the U.S.”

Dulcinea SunnyGold Yellow Mini-Seedless

Charley says that all of the fruit coming out of Mexico and Central America is of very good quality and that there have been no weather issues this season—good news for all watermelon lovers. With the store-side competition heating up, Dulcinea also offers retail support to help you create an eye-catching melon destination.

“The competition to capture consumer grocery dollars has heated up this past year. Our goal is to partner with each customer to create relevant and meaningful POS, merchandising support, and promotions to support their objectives,” said Dirtzu Charley.

With the spring/summer watermelon season fast approaching, Dulcinea will expand domestically, decreasing its carbon footprint, and increasing organic volume. But, most importantly Dulcinea will strive to provide full-flavor melons year-round!

Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms

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