EarthFresh's Andrew George and Jessica Hughes Discuss Brand Strategies, Retail Success, and More

EarthFresh's Andrew George and Jessica Hughes Discuss Brand Strategies, Retail Success, and More

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - Evolving with market demands is one of the necessary strengths for a successful brand, and EarthFresh continues to flex its prowess in this arena. With innovation and development top of mind, the company expertly adapts its blueprint to fit a variety of emerging retail strategies.

Andrew George, Senior Director of Sales, Canada, EarthFresh“We’re in a very different market than the past couple of years, which has encouraged our Sales team to get creative with marketing strategies,” shares Andrew George, Senior Director of Sales, Canada. “Over the years, EarthFresh has developed offerings that help us market in all different types of macro environments. We’re seeing increased success with some of our value packaging options as we listen to what our customers say about trends driving retail traffic. Our ‘Castaways’ program, which is focused on sustainability and designed to reduce food waste, is also seeing increased traction right now.”

Director of Innovations Jessica Hughes adds that, on the other hand, consumers are also searching for healthy, fresh, and convenient products. With the launch of its newest value-added product line, Fast. Fresh. Gourmet., EarthFresh provides consumers with an amazing taste experience while focusing on each of these attributes.

Jessica Hughes, Director of Innovations, EarthFresh“This exciting new product line features a microwaveable bag that holds fresh vegetables in the bottom and a fresh sauce in the top of the package—a one-step, fresh veggie dish made in minutes! All of our sauces are made with fresh, clean ingredients, and are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free,” Jessica adds. “We will be offering 14 flavors of fresh vegetables.”

With over 300 unique products comprising its portfolio, Andrew emphasizes that EarthFresh’s program can succeed under any retail strategy.

As the market evolves, EarthFresh has employed creative marketing strategies to appeal to different macro environments

“One of our greatest strengths is our ability to collaborate with our retail partners to build a strategy to win in any market,” he notes. “By using Nielsen’s data and input from our retail partners, we’re able to build custom programs that meet consumer demands without ever compromising quality.”

The supplier also relaunches its Polar White program each fall—a premium white potato variety that stays bright year-round—in addition to packing its Nutrispud – Balance potato, which is a lower-carb variety available in Canada. To encourage movement, EarthFresh has strong ad opportunities on its premium line of gourmet Fingerlings, organic baby potatoes, and its Fast. Fresh. Gourmet. line.

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