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Finalists for Thrive Accelerator Compete for $5 Million in Funding During the SVG/Forbes Reinventing America AgTech Summit

Finalists for Thrive Accelerator Compete for $5 Million in Funding During the SVG/Forbes Reinventing America AgTech Summit

SALINAS, CA - The top ten finalists from Thrive Accelerator have been chosen, and will present the ideas they hope are worth partaking in $5 million in funding on March 4.

A program for mentorship and investment for technology-enabled startups, Thrive Accelerator is seeking out the next innovative solution to problems the produce and agriculture industries face. Along with the prize funding, the winner will also receive product deployment in or with an agriculture industry leader.

Driven by a partnership between Forbes and SVG Partners, the 10 hopefuls will have an opportunity to present their ideas in a forum at the National Steinbeck Center.

The program finalists are:

California Safe Soil, LLC of Sacramento, CA, USA

  • Waste-Food Recycling

GeoVisual Technologies of Boulder, CO, USA

  • Drone - (UAVs)

GreenOnyx of Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Urban Farming

Harvest Automation of Billerica, MA, USA  

  • Robotics - Nursery & Field

Innovative Green of Scottsdale, AZ, USA

  • Energy - Diesel Fuel Tech

Inteligistics, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA, USA  

  • Platform - Cold Supply Chain

Lotpath, Inc. of Fresno, CA, USA  

  • Mobile - Inspections (consult too)

mOasis, Inc of Union City, CA, USA

  • Bio-Tech - Soil Additive for Water

Nuritas of Dublin, Ireland

  • Bio-Tech - Bioactive Peptides

UrbanFarmers AG of Zürich, Switzerland

  • Urban Farming

The overall winner will be announced in July at the Forbes Reinventing America: The AgTech Summit.

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GeoVisual Technologies

We combine images & ground truth from multiple sources & scales for the best available monitoring. Drones will be grounded...


GreenOnyx will develop, build and sell systems and propriatary bio-seed & fertilize consumables as part of an urban...

Harvest Automation

Harvest Automation is a material handling company that develops robots to address some of the most challenging issues...

Innovative Green

GT is a technology company dedicated to commercializing innovative green technology products that deliver profit as well...

Inteligistics Inc

We offer innovative cool chain temperature visibility solutions to the fresh produce industry using “Internet of Things”...


Lotpath is creating a smarter food supply, one app at a time. From our headquarters in Fresno, California we create...

mOasis Inc

mOasis' proprietary technology, Aquamers, can hold 250 times its weight in water when used as a soil amendment or seed...


We are an ingredients discovery company. We use our unique proprietary predictive bioinformatics platform to quickly...

UrbanFarmers AG

Driven by the vision that 20% of fresh produce could and should be grown in the city, UF provides innovative solutions for...