Flashfood Taps Independent Grocery Alliance to Reduce Food Waste; John Ross and Josh Domingues Discuss

Flashfood Taps Independent Grocery Alliance to Reduce Food Waste; John Ross and Josh Domingues Discuss

CHICAGO, IL - “There’s an app for that,” became a go-to phrase for many once smartphone technology tightened its hold. Now there are even apps for solving everyday challenges, and reducing food waste has not been left off the list. Shrink-reducing service provider Flashfood is penetrating the retail space, recently teaming up with the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) to provide access to its app for more than 1,100 member retailers.

John Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Grocers Alliance“As the grocery business changes and evolves, the IGA’s goal is to ensure that we’re equipping members with innovative solutions that help them sell more and reach more of the communities they serve, regardless of their size,” said John Ross, Chief Executive Officer of IGA. “Partnering with Flashfood is one of the ways we are helping hometown grocers compete with large retailers in areas like e-commerce and improving sustainability.”

The innovative app helps to reduce food waste by connecting consumers with discounted food nearing its best-by date, while also increases EBIT for retailers, lowering their carbon footprint, and widening their consumer bases. This new partnership will provide independent, local grocery stores in the nation with access to the Flashfood solution which can be integrated into their operations. According to a press release, the app enables online sales of surplus food items by offering them to shoppers to purchase at an up to 50 percent discount.

Members who sign up for the program will work with IGA to source equipment and in-store marketing, and Flashfood will help to implement the program in-store.

Josh Domingues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flashfood“We’re thrilled to work with the Independent Grocers Alliance to offer local, independent grocers the ability to easily reduce shrink—without any costly integrations or time investment,” added Josh Domingues, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Flashfood. “Food waste at the store level is an important industry issue, and working with IGA’s network will have a positive impact in tackling it while making sure that their communities have more access to affordable, fresh, and healthy food.”

IGA currently is comprised over 1,100 stores in 45 states across the U.S. Many of the association’s members are hometown store owners who serve as integral parts of their local communities. By partnering with Flashfood, IGA will provide added value to these independent grocers and help them to maintain competitiveness with other retailers in their regions.

Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) has announced that it will be teaming up with Flashfood to provide access to the shrink-reducing app to more than 1,100 member retailers

To date, Flashfood has partnered with several grocery chains across North America to divert more than 25 million pounds of food.

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