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Fowler Packing Company Launches

Fowler Packing Company Launches "Thiz iz Peelz" National Media Campaign; Justin Parnagian Details

FRESNO, CA - Fun, fresh, and full of flavor, Fowler Packing Company’s Peelz® Citrus is a perfect snack for on-the-go consumers and their families. Showcasing the simplicity and whimsy of the kid-friendly offering, Fowler has announced the launch of its first-ever national media campaign for the brand, Thiz iz Peelz.

Justin Parnagian, Chief Executive Officer, Fowler Packing“Our Thiz iz Peelz campaign is multifaceted and is designed to continue to build brand recognition and introduce Peelz in new markets,” said Justin Parnagian, Chief Executive Officer. “We are communicating with consumers with a healthy dose of attitude and personality that provides a counterpoint to the mostly wholesome, child-focused world of fruit and mandarins. This campaign speaks to everyone, all while cementing the Peelz name in the minds of every shopper, buyer, and supplier across America.”

The aim of the light-hearted campaign is to emphasize that while life is complex, snacking doesn’t have to be. According to a press release, Fowler is showcasing the simplicity of Peelz amidst the backdrop of other more complicated snacking options.

Having launched this week, the Thiz iz Peelz campaign will appear across media formats including TV, streaming, social media, in-store, and more. This marks a large investment for the Peelz brand and a precursor for what is to come as it continues to expand.

“We made a huge financial investment in our Peelz brand and will continue to utilize marketing strategies to drive strategic growth,” added Parnagian. “This is an exciting time for Peelz, launching its first national campaign, with many more to come in the future. This is just the beginning, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce Peelz to a broader audience, keeping Peelz top of mind as they shop with our valued retail partners.”

Fowler Packing Company has announced the launch of its first-ever national media campaign, Thiz iz Peelz, to build brand recognition and introduce the Peelz® Citrus brand to new markets

With Peelz making its national media debut, what will be next for the exciting brand? Stick with AndNowUKnow to see what developments the future holds.

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