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Fowler Packing Details Citrus Crop Impacts of Recent California Wind Storm

Fowler Packing Details Citrus Crop Impacts of Recent California Wind Storm

FRESNO, CA - Last week, we reported that California had been bombarded with an intense wind storm and severe rains. The weather event created cause for concern across California’s growing regions, so we got in touch with our friends at Fowler Packing to see how its citrus crops are looking at this time.

Sean Nelsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Fowler Packing“I am happy to report that all orders were covered and we are well on our way to a strong February,” said Sean Nelsen, VP of Sales and Marketing. “February is a heavy Peelz™ promotion month, with many retailers aligned on our Peelz4dayz sweepstakes. Our sales team was well aligned with farming to ensure we covered all of our business.”

The company was well into its tango variety harvest prior to this severe weather event. Overall, the California valley reportedly saw between 2.0-2.5 inches of rain.

Heavy winds in the southern San Joaquin valley did cause scarring and fruit to drop within the company’s citrus groves. Sean told me that the biggest impact from this storm was delayed harvesting, but Fowler planned for this and was well prepared to assure supply to its customers.

Following a severe storm across California, Fowler Packing announced that it was well prepared and is now ready for its Peelz™ promotional season

“We plan ahead and communicate as rain events arise to ensure we deliver on our Peelz promise: high quality fruit, supply assurance, and consistency within our product,” Sean relayed.

We are pleased to report that we heard from a few other citrus growers in the state who have not seen significant impacts from the event. Be sure to follow along with us at ANUK as we continue to bring you the latest updates.

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