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Fresh Origins and Bright Fresh Bring Edible Flowers to AndNowUKnow

Fresh Origins and Bright Fresh Bring Edible Flowers to AndNowUKnow

SAN MARCOS, CA - New York, Paris, San Francisco, Dubai—these are just a handful of the cities where a culinary trend is delighting both eaters’ mouths and eyes. Edible Flowers, while they have existed since the dawn of time, are continuing to be recognized for the value they can lend to the culinary arts, and providing chefs with a way to present new designs and flavors to their dishes. 

John Freitas, National Sales Manager, Fresh Origins and BrightFreshOne company, Fresh Origins and its consumer branch BrightFresh™, are bringing both Edible Flowers and Microgreens out of the top restaurants around the world, and into a grocery store near you. John Freitas, National Sales Manager for Fresh Origins, was great enough to stop by the AndNowUKnow offices and give us a tour of all the amazing colors and flavors that Edible Flowers can bring to your plate.

Here are just a few amazing selections from the Fresh Origins and Bright Fresh lines that the AndNowUKnow staff were able to savor:

MicroFlower™ Micro Orchid

MicroFlower Micro Orchids

Exotic and beautiful, these were the first in a series of MicroFlowers™ introduced by Fresh Origins. The Micro Orchid, which has a similar flavor to a cucumber and watermelon hybrid, are produced and harvested year-round in the company’s greenhouses near San Diego, CA. These flowers look beautiful on top of desserts, salads, and even more enticing, an alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Hibiscus Leaf™

Hibiscus Leaf

Almost like eating sour candy, the flavor of these stunning leaves range from pink, to red, and maroon. These leaves are tangy and surprisingly juicy, making them a beautiful garnish for seafood. For adding tartness to salads and sandwiches, and making a bed for veggies, fruit salad, and cheese plates, Hibiscus Leaf™ could not be a more elegant choice.

Tiny Veggies™ Crudité Mix™

Tiny Veggies Crudité Mix

This attractive and delicious combination includes tiny versions of Carrot, Turnip, Radish, Celery, Beets, Parsnips, Leeks, and Onion. When John brought these by, we had a few of our employee’s kids in the building, and it was interesting to see how even younger children were fascinated by the beautiful veggies. You can roast or sauté these for a colorful side dish to compliment any meal.

Herb Crystals® and Flower Crystals®

Herb Crystals and Flower Crystals

Herb Crystals® and Flower Crystals® are an original concept from Fresh Origins that blends the enticing flavors of fresh Edible Flowers and Herbs with pure cane sugar to create an all-natural crunchy granule. The colors and flavors come from the whole Herbs and Edible Flowers with no added flavors, preservatives, or coloring. These beautiful Crystals will add a distinctive taste and finishing touch to any culinary creation from desserts to savory dishes and even beverages. 

Buzz Buttons

Buzz Buttons

These were perhaps the most awe-inducing product John let us try during his visit. This unique yellow flower creates an unexpected, electric buzz sensation, cleansing the mouth with a refreshing, cool, and tingling taste. They are such a great conversation starter that can be used as a palate cleanser and flavor enhancer in food, or in your favorite drinks for an effervescent effect.

I have no doubts the Edible Flower wave will be hitting restaurants and grocery stores across the world in just a matter of time. So get on this delicious and beautiful train as soon as possible. And thanks again to Fresh Origins and John Freitas for the exciting experience!

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