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Fruit World’s Bianca Kaprielian Touts Organic and Conventional Program

Fruit World’s Bianca Kaprielian Touts Organic and Conventional Program

REEDLEY, CA - Wintertime is inside time in California, and what better way to enjoy cozying up in the warmth than with a refreshing mandarin? I recently caught up with Bianca Kaprielian, Co-Founder of Fruit World Co., to see what varieties are currently being harvested, and boy did she have some sweet updates.

Bianca Kaprielian, Co-Owner, Fruit World Co.“We are currently in what we call the ‘peak flavor’ part of the season. All of our citrus fruits have the optimal flavor profile right now and taste wonderful,” Bianca said. “We’re a little past the midway point of the season in our citrus programs, and the quality has been great so far.”

Despite a dip in the beginning of January, Bianca says the current market is trending back up.

“Things started picking up in mid-January, and we saw strong sales toward the end of the month,” she noted. “However, we are feeling the effects of some oversupply of lemons and navel oranges.”

When founding Fruit World, Bianca, along with Co-Founder CJ Buxman, believed that sustainability and taste shouldn’t have to conflict, as we previously reported. That belief and determination is still strong today with Fruit World’s robust organic and conventional citrus programs.

Combining the power of sustainable practices and high-quality fruit, Fruit World is able to bring to market a robust organic and conventional citrus program

To help with retail sales, Bianca informed me of a new packaging concept just released this year.

“Fruit World introduced a new, high-graphic pouch bag for our 2 lb organic mandarins that we are excited about,” Bianca commented. “We also offer a couple of fresh and fun retail pack styles on the conventional end, ranging from a 1 lb bag to a 5 lb bag and a 5 lb gift box.”

In mid-October, the company began harvesting its first conventional mandarins of the season. Shortly after, in November, Fruit World’s organic mandarin program kicked off with Satsumas, then Clementines.

“The organic Page mandarin shipments just wrapped up, and we have transitioned into organic Murcotts and Tangos,” continued Bianca. “On the conventional side, we are harvesting Tango and Klondike varieties concurrently with the organic program through late March, with additional varieties filling out the season until early June for both our organic and conventional programs.”

Fruit World recently introduced a new, high-graphic pouch bag for its 2 lb organic mandarins

Along with mandarins, Bianca informed me that Fruit World offers organic grapefruit; organic Cara Cara, Navel, and blood oranges; organic Minneolas; organic seedless, regular, and Meyer lemons; and organic Valencia oranges in the summer.

With a diverse organic and conventional citrus program, as well as varying options in packaging, Fruit World is set to offer convenience and quality to retailers.

For more updates in the produce industry, keep reading ANUK.

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