Gambles Ontario Produce Launches New Website

Gambles Ontario Produce Launches New Website

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - In today’s day and age, having an online presence is key to get your brand and products out there for customers and consumers to see. The digital exposure is even more necessary as the industry continues to grow, and Gambles Ontario Produce has joined the fold. The produce supplier has launched its new website, strengthening its brand image in the digital world.

Karina Sommerkamp, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Gambles Ontario Produce“As Gambles expands to serve a wider range of customers, it was important for us to list and describe our services in a clear and compelling way,” said Karina Sommerkamp, Marketing and Communications Coordinator. “We have grown from your typical wholesaler to a full-service fresh produce supplier, and our website should reflect that.”

The new site launched on April 1 and was designed to strengthen the brand's image, increase audience retention, and highlight company functions. According to a press release, external audiences will now be presented with a platform that showcases Gambles’ comprehensive list of products and services.

Gambles Ontario Produce recently revamped its website in a bid to strengthen its brand and presence around the world

“Our website plays a key role in building and maintaining relationships, partnerships, and brand awareness,” said Sommerkamp.

The website displays company information in a method that is more precise and user friendly. With new product pages; updated contact and career pages; and a section to highlight the company's mission, vision, and values, users will obtain a thorough understanding of the company’s operations and corporate culture.

Maintaining an online presence is just as important as a physical presence due to its convenient nature and real-life updates, making communication and information as streamlined as possible.

For more technological innovations in store for the world of produce, keep an eye on ANUK as we deliver the latest.

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