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Giumarra Companies Details Retail Opportunities for Persimmons in Exclusive What's in Store Video

LOS ANGELES, CA - Persimmons are gaining traction with consumers, and the buy-side should be following suit. At Giumarra Companies, we consider ourselves enthusiasts of this ever-growing category. We're here to bring all the insights you need to build a successful Fuyu persimmon destination in your department.

Here's What's in Store.

This sweet and aromatic fruit is harvested in California from September to December, exhibiting a crunchy texture and vibrant orange color. Giumarra's California persimmon program is the largest in the United States, and we offer both bag and bulk packaging. The 2 lb bags are handled, high-graphic, and great as a grab-and-go option, encouraging consumption of volume for both snacking and inclusion of recipes.

Giumarra Companies offers an array of customized marketing and merchandising solutions for its retail partners to help promote Fuyu persimmons

Not only are persimmons a great source of Vitamins C and A, but they can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, from breakfast and desserts to soup and salads. The fruit is nutritious and versatile, lending itself to endless cross-merchandising opportunities across the grocery store.

Creative fall merchandising is a breeze with this unique and intriguing item. Create a color block within the produce department, and consumers will not be able to pass it up. Merchandising is key to promoting persimmons. So, build up those endcap displays with bagged fruit at an attractive price.

Giumarra Companies' Fuyu persimmons are nutritious and versatile, lending themselves to endless cross-merchandising opportunities across the grocery store

Giumarra elevates the category even further with our Do You Fuyu™ catchphrase adorning all our fall-themed marketing materials. We offer an array of customized marketing and merchandising solutions for our retail partners to help promote our Fuyu persimmons.

Expand your produce department with this California crop and watch as demand continues to climb.

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