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Global Cooling Inc. Introduces New Jet-Ready Pre-Coolers Version

Global Cooling Inc. Introduces New Jet-Ready Pre-Coolers Version

MEDIA, PA ­- Looking to harness faster precooling results, longer shelf-life, and increased savings, Global Cooling Inc. has announced a new version of its Jet-Ready Precoolers. The company has unveiled a portable forced air Jet Ready Precooler. 

Jim Still, President and Founder, Global Cooling. Photo via Philly.com.

“The necessity of quality precooling is often overlooked,” said Global Cooling Founder and President, Jim Still. “The Jet Precooler addresses that head on with unmatched efficiency.”

The new Jet Precooler is a forced air cooling tunnel which provides its users with greater air flow and shorter precooling times than a farm-built cooler. The company stated in a press release that the faster a user precools the more net weight is saved.

Jet-Ready Precooler's Side View

The Jet-Ready also boasts the new and improved features:  

  • Carboline coating
  • NSF-approved for potable water
  • Dial thermometer

Global Cooling also stated that further positive results can be garnered from faster precooling such as prolonged shelf-life, greater weight, and user savings in regards to time, energy, and money.

Cameron White, Sales, Fresh Start Produce“You literally just plug it in and you’re good to go,” said Cameron White, Sales at Fresh Start Produce, who uses Jets to precool bell peppers and cucumbers in Florida.

Global Cooling stated that it helps its customers transition from old precoolers they’ve been using for many years to a new Jet which can help growers and packers cool product twice as fast as legacy units.

Pairing greater airflow with greater flexibility, Jets are added to existing cooling systems which can then be transferred with ease to different locations. Units arrive preassembled, fully-wired, tested, and ready to use.

Jet-Ready Precooler's Front View

The company stated that its Jet units are also suited for heating, reheating, thawing, tempering, and drying. 

“Stop letting your profits evaporate,” finished Still. “Start precooling faster with a Jet Precooler.”

Global Cooling offers its customers even further precooling options with its full line of products, including the Jet-Ready, Jet-Heavy Duty, and Jet-Ripe portable precoolers. The company also has Rapid-Cool 2 and 3-tier high pallet racked precoolers, as well. All products are manufactured in the company’s factory at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Business Park.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-844-858-4621.

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