Hapco Farms Video Highlights Maine Broccoli Program's Freshness Advantage

Hapco Farms Video Highlights Maine Broccoli Program's Freshness Advantage

RIVERHEAD, NY – Hapco Farms’ Maine broccoli program has hit its stride, with ample supplies of the much-loved veggie coming from the company’s growing operations the region. And now, Hapco Farms has introduced a new video to inform customers and consumers about the process from farm to fork.

Andy Ayer, Grower, Hapco Farms“Here at Fresh from the Start, we control all the inputs,” Grower Andy Ayer explains in the video. “We control the seed selection, all the way through harvesting with our own harvest crews, post-harvest, and our trucking to the customer. This gives our customers an assurance that Fresh from the Start has product traceability and food safety through the entire process and gives them the final consistency, in the stores, that they need.”

Available in eight different varieties, depending on the time of year and the specific needs of its customers, Hapco Farms offers crown cuts and bunch broccoli. The company is involved in every aspect of the process from seed through cooling and shipping ensuring the traceability, food safety, and the consistency customers need.

Hapco Farms has been growing broccoli in Maine for more than 20 years, shipping over a million boxes every season—from July through October. The company’s high-quality Maine-grown broccoli offers a freshness advantage to customers throughout the eastern U.S.

For more information, see the video above and visit Hapco Farms’ website, here.

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