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Highline Mushrooms Details Unique Growing Methods and Innovative Product Development as Key Differentiators

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - What makes Highline Mushrooms stand apart in both the field and on the shelf? It all starts with our unique growing method—which yields cleaner, whiter, and denser mushrooms—and ends with our innovative product development.

Here’s What’s in Store.

Highline Mushrooms was one of the first mushroom growers in North America to implement the Dutch-style process, which involves different variations of time pasteurizing, spawning, and growing compared to other growing practices. We have perfected this method over the years to ensure reduced disease risk and improve efficiency and yields.

Highline Mushrooms is constantly innovating its portfolio, with product development initiatives such as recycled tills and resealable top-seal packaging

Rapid soaking of straw beds and the implementation of ‘One Touch’ Harvesting are great examples of innovations that helped Highline Mushrooms achieve organic and Safe Quality Food certifications, which in turn improved our growing efficiencies and increased mushroom availability on the market. One-touch harvesting is a way to preserve the quality of the mushrooms as it goes straight to the till; the product looks better on the shelves for longer.

The mushroom provider has perfected its growing method over the years to ensure reduced disease risk and improved efficiency and yields

Outside of the growing practices, we are constantly innovating. Our product development initiatives include recycled tills and resealable top-seal packaging.

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