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This Holiday Season, Shuman Produce Keeps Grocers Stocked with Peruvian Sweet Onions

This Holiday Season, Shuman Produce Keeps Grocers Stocked with Peruvian Sweet Onions

REIDSVILLE, GA - As demand for sweet onions continues to rise across produce departments during the holiday push, Shuman Produce is delighting shoppers with high-quality Peruvian sweets to fill the consumer basket.

President John Shuman joined me recently to talk about the popular produce category, and what we can expect as we get into the thick of fall.

John Shuman, President, Shuman Produce

“Our supply of high quality, premium Peruvian sweet onions remains steady with containers being imported through the Port of Savannah every week,” John shared as we spoke about the market. “Demand remains high as sweet onions continue to help drive the overall onion category. We maintain a full-time staff in Peru that allows us to maintain a safe and efficient supply chain to better serve our retail partners with a premium sweet onion during the fall and winter months.”

With tremendous versatility and a mild, sweet flavor profile, Shuman anticipates increased demand of the company’s premium sweet onions this holiday season. John adds that supplies should remain steady throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017.

“Sweet onions are a staple in consumers’ kitchens and continue to drive the category,” John told me as we addressed differentiation in the produce department. “Retailers can capitalize on sweet onions by keeping a premium product on shelves all year long. By placing RealSweet® Peruvian sweet onions in the center of the produce department, retailers can capitalize on sales. Research shows that baskets containing sweet onions are roughly 40% larger than those that do not, raising the ring at the register.”

To help further create that destination at retail, Shuman provides bags, bins, and boxes that work to compliment each other. John recommends that retail partners stock both bagged and bulk product to customize offerings to consumer demand. Shuman Produce provides all RealSweet® brand sweet onions in a variety of packs and sizes to meet the needs of all demographics. Bagged products are an effective merchandising tool with high quality graphic product imagery and great seasonal recipes.

As for Mother Nature’s impact on the region so far, John shared the latest with me, fingers-crossed.

“The weather conditions in Peru this growing and harvesting season have yielded an extremely high quality crop and I believe our Peruvian sweet onions are top-notch,” John shared, adding, “we continue to have a good mix of product ranging in size from medium to jumbo to colossal.”

As I look to build my holiday spread, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the sweet onion category to see what delicious offerings reach my neck of the woods.

Shuman Produce

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