Jessica's 2017 PMA Foodservice Picks

Jessica's 2017 PMA Foodservice Picks

MONTEREY, CA - PMA Foodservice has grown to be one of my most looked-forward-to industry events. Not only is it the perfect excuse to spend some time in lovely Monterey, California, but it’s a conference that celebrates eating—an occasion I can certainly get behind. So check out a few of the foodservice offerings highlighted at the show that both caught my eye and got my stomach rumbling.

Ocean Mist 3 lb Quick Cook® Sprout Halves

You might be tired of hearing me say I love Brussels sprouts, but I’m definitely not tired of eating them—and neither are restaurant goers. To make it that much easier to cram the maximum amount of little sprouts in my mouth, Ocean Mist Farms has simplified kitchen prep with its 3 lb Quick Cook Brussels Sprouts foodservice pack. Already washed, trimmed, and ready to cook or serve, foodservice operators can save on kitchen labor costs without sacrificing freshness—a breakthrough for us Brussels sprouts lovers out there.

Crunch Pak® Foodservice Apple Rings

Now you can bring out your inner child, while eating a masterfully-prepared culinary creation. This foodservice-sized quantity of the peeled, cored apple rings Crunch Pak has already popularized at retail is another innovation that saves kitchen labor and money costs. Available in a variety of flavor options—sweet, tart, and a mixture of both—apple rings gives operators the option to dip, layer, use as an ingredient, or serve as is, making them a versatile and delicious way to get that coveted apple a day.

SUNSET® MAP English Cucumbers

Today’s chefs want speed and convenience in the kitchen, and with SUNSET® MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) English Cucumbers, they get all that and more. Available in 24-count, minimum 20 lb styles, these cucumbers come in Extend™ Modified Atmosphere bags—perfect for high volume operators looking to control portion cost and reduce labor. And by packing these in a MAP bag instead of individually wrapping the cukes, time is saved. Faster, cheaper, and more convenient to use? These are a chef's dream.

Tanimura & Antle Dew Drop Cabbage

The first thing that stood out to me about these lovely leaves are just how absolutely beautiful they are to look at. Like tiny teardrop-shaped gems, Tanimura & Antle's Dew Drop Cabbage serves as a compelling way to elevate even everyday meals. More open than those of a standard green cabbage, the company’s unique variety also boasts a tender texture and sweeter taste. Those cabbage wraps, wedges, and sautés you’ve been seeing on cooking shows and recipe blogs can now be recreated with both grace and ease.

Pero Family Farms Pero Cut Green Beans

This is another of the standouts I saw at the show that bring convenience to a whole new level. Already trimmed, and cut, these Pero cut green beans come in bite-sized pieces in giant-sized packages. With stir frys gaining popularity and green beans always holding a place in the hearts of many during the fast-approaching holiday season, I see these lovelies making their way into many foodservice operations over the next few months.

There you have it! From savory time savers to sweet and tart treats, these are just of the few foodservice innovations that resonated with me after I was far away from the cool beaches of Monterey Bay.

Ocean Mist Farms Crunch Pak SUNSET® Tanimura & Antle Pero Family Farms

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