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Johnston Farms Sees an Outstanding Supply of Citrus

Johnston Farms Sees an Outstanding Supply of Citrus

CALIFORNIA - Citrus is one category that transcends seasonal boundaries year-round. While fresh lemon slices are often associated with sweet summertime, citrus of all varieties can be folded into an endless array of recipes no matter the season. Currently in the midst of the bustling holidays, Johnston Farms is seeing outstanding quality for its newly-harvested oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits. With visions of citrus dancing in my head, I tapped the company’s Citrus Sales Manager, Derek Vaughn, to fill me in on the state of the market.

Derek Vaughn, Citrus Sales Manager, Johnston Farms“The market is starting to correct with this impending weather, so I would say it is starting to tighten up, but on smaller sizes like 113/138 and choice fruit, it is definitely in the promo volume stage,” he told me. “Demand on large sizes is strong, smaller fruit is just mediocre with schools going on holiday. The mandarin demand is as strong, if not stronger than I have ever seen it for this time of year, and we only expect that to grow as we get closer to Christmas.”

Johnston Farms is roughly one month into its Navel orange harvest and a couple of weeks into its Satsuma mandarin and red grapefruit harvests. With all of the escalated weather conditions as of late, the grower has remained optimistic about its supply. Shoppers are eager to add the freshest ingredients to their baskets for the holidays, and Johnston Farms is well-positioned to deliver.

Johnston Farms is seeing outstanding quality for its newly-harvested oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits

“The quality of the mandarins has been outstanding, considering we had a major windstorm three weeks before harvest, but they seem to have endured the wind,” Derek assured me. “No problems with weather so far, but as we speak, we are in day one of a five-day rain forecast, but we can use the rain, so we don't consider it a problem.”

Primarily harvesting in Edison, Bakersfield, and Arvin, California, the grower also has a few groves in Tulare and Fresno counties. All of these regions are pumping out a superb supply for Johnston, meaning there will be citrus applenty showing out at this year’s Christmas dinner. For retailers, the grower is providing a holiday ⅓ carton gift box that features both its Navels and Satsumas.

Hark the herald, folks! Johnston Farms is slated to supply some of its best citrus yet, so stock up early on its festive fare. For more market updates ahead of the holidays, keep reading AndNowUKnow.

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