Kings River Packing Announces Availability of Heirloom Navels; Bobby Hines and Nam Saengpitayathon Detail

Kings River Packing Announces Availability of Heirloom Navels; Bobby Hines and Nam Saengpitayathon Detail

SANGER, CA - With the California domestic citrus season in full swing, Kings River Packing announced an addition to its lineup: Heirloom Navels.

Bobby Hines, Sales Director, Kings River Packing

"Our Heirloom Navels are more than just a product; they are a testament to our heritage and commitment to excellence," said Bobby Hines, Sales Director. "We are proud to offer consumers a taste of history with every bite, showcasing the rich flavors and tradition that define our brand."

Kings River Packing infuses expertise and dedication into preserving heritage varieties, and that is apparent in the Heirloom Navels the company offers. According to a press release, they are carefully nurtured and cultivated to retain the authentic flavors and characteristics of their ancestors.

Kings River Packing has announced the addition of Heirloom Navels to its lineup

This heritage began eight generations ago, when William Hazelton planted the first orange trees in Fresno County. With trees over 150 years old, each fruit embodies a legacy of superior taste and unparalleled quality.

Along with the incredible taste of its Heirloom Navels, Kings River offers bagged and bulk options. It also released a 6-count tray, which is environmentally friendly as a 100 percent recyclable package. The packaging is also suited for easy display and grab-and-go convenience for shoppers.

Nam Saengpitayathon, Packaging Engineer, Kings River Packing

“Heirloom Navels are such a special product. We wanted a package that showcased the beauty of the fruit while also increasing recyclability. This display-ready pack really hit the mark for both,” added Nam Saengpitayathon, Packaging Engineer.

Kings River Packing's Heirloom Navels are now available at select retailers.

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