Kingston Fresh Showcases Its "Ultimate Frying Potato," the Kingston Fryer

Kingston Fresh Showcases Its "Ultimate Frying Potato," the Kingston Fryer

IDAHO FALLS, ID - Kingston Fresh is gearing up for a sunny 2017; here's What's In Store.

For over forty years, Kingston has provided customers with exceptional fresh fruits and veggies, and this year is proving to be no exception.

With year-round supplies of potatoes, onions, pineapples, avocados, and mangos from the United States, Mexico, and Central America, we’re always ready to support our customers and provide delicious, high-quality produce.

Kingston Fryer Potato Fries

Our Kingston Fryer potato program annually serves up millions of pounds of “America's Ultimate Frying Potato.” Fresh, ready-to-cut and serve, Kingston Fryer potatoes are tested and packaged expressly for the purpose of making the perfect French fries.

The Kingston Fryer is the result of over 40 years experience packing potatoes for fresh cut fries and a rigorous quality assurance process starting long before the potatoes are even planted.

The Kingston Fryer Potato

At Kingston Fresh, we manage the harvest, grading, packing, and shipping through a proprietary process that ensures our distributors receive consistently terrific product. Like all of our products, the Kingston Fryer line is inspected in the field, at the time of harvest, during the packing process, and then monitored throughout the supply chain to always ensure quality and consistency.

Keep an eye out for Kingston Fryers in your favorite restaurant. You can find out more at Thank you for watching What’s In Store.

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